June 15, 2024
Trimming Misatkes To Avoid

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Tree Trimming

Pruning the trees is essential for tree health. Homeowners who attempt to trim their trees by themselves could do more harm than good.

These mistakes are common in tree trimming and homeowners can avoid them to preserve their landscape. To ensure the job is done right, a skilled arborist will be the best choice.

Pruning the Wrong Branches

DIY tree trimming is a common mistake made by homeowners who choose the wrong branches or cut them in the wrong season. No matter what type of tree you have, there are certain times that work best.

Tree damage can be caused by trimming trees at the wrong times of the year. This attracts insects and slows down the growth or flowers.

It is important to know where the cut will be made. When tree pruning, it is important to not cut through the “branch collar”. The branch collar connects to the base of the branch. It is the highest density branch.

This can lead to more sap loss and slower healing. For best results, homeowners should leave at most 1 inch around the base of the branch. This will ensure that your collar is not damaged.

Don’t use the wrong tools to care for trees

When it comes to pruning trees, homeowners may be tempted to grab whatever shears or scissors they have. If the shears used to trim trees aren’t the right kind, it can cause damage to the tree’s health. Arborists and homeowners alike should use the best tree trimming shears.

Not only are the right shears important, but also their age and sharpness. To ensure a clean cut, and less stress on the tree, the shears must be sharper. To cut through branches with dull shears, it may take several attempts. This could cause an injury to the tree that is not necessary.

Poor sanitation can lead to tree disease

Trees can get sick with bacteria and viruses just like animals. This is something that many homeowners don’t know about when it comes to plant care. To prevent disease and fungus spreading, homeowners and arborists should make sure that tree trimming shears have been thoroughly cleaned before they are used to trim trees. You can rub alcohol on the shears to clean them.

A common mistake homeowners make when trimmings are left under trees is to not remove them. A pile of trimmed branches and leaves can be a breeding ground to bugs and other diseases. It is best to get rid of any trimmings in your yard as soon as possible and have them taken away by yard trash collection.

Tree care professionals have the ability to identify signs and symptoms of tree diseases. To prevent your tree from succumbing to disease or infection, it is crucial to get treatment as soon as possible. A professional tree service company should be contacted annually to assess the tree for signs of disease.

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