June 14, 2024
These red-blooming vines are pretty but invasive
Cypress vine, is so named because each of its leaves is finely divided along both sides into many thread-like segments, resembling that of a cypress tree.

Let me to explain to you a number of points about some customers of the early morning-glory family members.

There need to be just about 2,000 species in this loved ones, and as native vegetation, they are distributed really significantly all more than the entire world, in temperate and tropical regions. Several of these species are viny, possibly climbing or crawling (at times the two): the scientific identify for this family members is “Convolvulaceae,” which arrives from Latin this means “to twine” or “bind.” 

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There are a lot of weeds in this household, and of training course you all know about our stunning yard early morning glories. You should really know, far too, that our beloved sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is a member of the early morning-glory loved ones.