July 24, 2024
Tips on planting and caring for cannas in summer and overwintering
Tips on planting and caring for cannas in summer and overwintering

I consider myself an equivalent-option gardener in the perception that I like to expand a variety of various plants in my backyard garden and residence landscape. Like most gardeners, I take pleasure in the ecological worth in having a extensive range of flowering crops, and I get pleasure from a selection of various hues and styles of flowers, foliage, and plant-growth routines.

One particular flowering plant that experienced been missing from my landscape until finally the past couple of summers is the stately canna. These tall tropical-hunting vegetation with banana-like paddle shaped leaves that wrap in orderly ruffles around the stems, have grow to be the focal place in many unique plantings in my landscape.

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Hunting at the flashy and flamboyant crimson, orange, yellow and pink bouquets of these plants, I now speculate how I at any time lived my summers with no these magnificent specimens.

Mike Hogan

Focal point of any planting

Cannas can be utilized in many garden and landscape options as equally focal factors and desirable accents. Cannas are tall crops, with most kinds achieving 4 to 6 toes in peak. Some monster varieties can achieve up to 8 ft tall! Simply because of their height, cannas can deliver composition as a tall border as a backdrop in a flower, perennial, or even shrub bed or soften the height of constructions and raised decks in the landscape. There are also smaller sized dwarf kinds of cannas.