February 22, 2024
Tips for gardening in July

Baton Rouge, LA (KPLC) – July can be a tough thirty day period for vegetation. Heat and higher humidity often guide to an increase in disease and insect pressures. Despite the improved worry, lots of plants are nonetheless carrying out properly and July can be a productive month for us as gardeners.

Through the U.S., National Wise Irrigation Thirty day period is observed in July. This plan was built to advertise the conservation of 1 of our most treasured assets: h2o. Economical irrigation offers social, financial and environmental rewards, and you can understand more about implementing these applications and methods at www.irrigation.org.

In the vegetable backyard garden, continue on to fertilize and irrigate greens to hold them heading through the summer time when rain is scarce. Pull up cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes that have stopped generating, and plant heat-set tomatoes and bell peppers for tumble harvest. Direct seed okra, Southern peas, cucumbers, squash, cantaloupe, and watermelons through July. Also order your tumble vegetable garden seeds, like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, leafy greens, and all your root crops.

Begin planting pumpkin seeds for pumpkin carving in the fall. Most pumpkins have to have amongst 70 and 120 days right before they are prepared to harvest. Test huge pumpkin types these types of as Atlantic Giant, Prize Winner, Significant Moon, and Big Max. Superior large varieties, which are 10 to 30 lbs ., consist of Aspen, Howden, Spirit, Gold Rush, Cargo, Connecticut Fields, and Jumpin Jack. New Moon and Lumina are equally white.

Medium-sized, 5-to-10-pound versions are Autumn Gold, Massive Autumn, Charisma, Cougar, Jack-o-Lantern, Neon, and Peek a Boo. Modest-sized pumpkins are Early Abundance (yellow), Darling, Sunlight (yellow to white), Little one Bear, Casperita, Gooligan (white), Hooligan, and Jack Be Minor.

In the garden, chinch bugs, mole crickets, and sod webworms can be a dilemma all through incredibly hot, dry weather conditions, in particular in St. Augustinegrass. Manage with insecticides that contains the active components carbaryl, cyfluthrin, or imidacloprid — or skip the insecticide and leave the bugs for the birds.

You can plant heat-time grasses in the course of the summer months. Planting in July will give greater prospects for lawns to come to be established prior to likely dormant in the winter season. If you have bermudagrass, zoysia, or St. Augustinegrass lawns that had been fertilized in spring, you can now make a 2nd application. It is not suggested to reapply fertilizer for centipedegrass.

It’s time to prevent applying weed killers on the lawn all through these scorching summer time months. Implementing these merchandise when it is about 85 degrees Fahrenheit will result in injuries to lawns.

Mowing will be the most common apply in the household landscape this thirty day period. Grasses thrive and mature aggressively in the summertime. Be sure to lower your garden at proper heights after a 7 days or each individual other 7 days, depending on development and rain exercise. Bermudagrass ought to be slice to 1 to 1 1/2 inches centipedegrass, 1 to 2 inches St. Augustinegrass, 2 to 3 inches and zoysia, ½ to 1 1/2 inches. It is still a good time to dethatch and aerate your lawns.

In the landscape beds, plant warmth-loving tropicals these kinds of as hibiscus, cassia, ixora, canna, tibouchina, mandevilla, duranta, angel trumpet, plumeria, hen-of-paradise, bougainvillea, and gingers. They prosper in our climate, and the vivid bloom colors are a attractive addition to the landscape. To hold tropical blooming vegetation yr-round, plant them in containers. A lot of tropical vegetation are not hardy enough to withstand our winters.

Raising warmth and drinking water specifications make planting shrubs and trees this thirty day period far more hard even so, container crops can nevertheless be set up. You can plant palms this month. Maintain younger trees watered and mulched at about 1 foot bordering the trunk to help management weeds and protect against injury to slim bark from string trimmers and mowers. Be mindful of the require for much more repeated watering and fertilizer needs, as plants use water faster when it is very hot and they are actively increasing.

Manage aphids on crape myrtles and lace bugs on azaleas and lantana. For roses, continue a spray program that consists of both a fungicide for black place handle and an insecticide to manage pests. Ever-blooming roses can and need to be trimmed for a new slide flush of blooms.

Now is the time to harvest muscadines, grapes, and figs. There are some typical fungal ailment troubles in figs noticed this time of year. Thread blight and fig leaf rust cause leaf spotting and scorch in late summer season and slide. There are no EPA-authorised fungicides for use on figs in Louisiana. The best way to take care of these is with fantastic cultural procedures. Crops should be spaced to offer fantastic air circulation and drinking water at the root zone. Clear away fallen, infected leaves and throw them away.

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