June 12, 2024
The Ultimate Priority (Psalm 27:4)

One particular detail have I asked of the Lord that will I look for following, then I may dwell in the residence of the Lord all the days of my existence to gaze upon the attractiveness of the Lord and to inquire in his temple.
– Psalm 27:4

Wow, that’s a single of my most loved verses in the Bible. And at the very same time, one particular of the most convicting verses in the Bible to hear David, the psalmist say in this article, “One thing I’ve requested the Lord.”

Psalm 27:4 Tells of the Psalmist’s Request to Dwell in God’s Existence

I assume of all the factors you would want to question God for. David says, this is the a person matter that I want most, that I will seek right after. When I think about it, what is the one particular detail you are trying to find just after now in your lifestyle? If you had to sum it up, what’s the one particular detail you want most in a way that is evident in how you spend your time and cash and vitality?

What excites your affections? What’s the a person thing you want that you are searching for following? And David says, it’s this, and I may possibly dwell in the property of the Lord all the times of my existence that I may possibly just be with God and gaze upon his elegance. I want to do all these points for God. The one particular issue I want most, the one particular matter I’m in search of immediately after is just to seem at him, just behold God and to inquire in his temple. So this image of inquiring just before God, God, as I glimpse to you, I inquire of you. I inquire for issues from you.

God, I share my heart with you. I request course from you. Lord, I just want to be with you, to see you, and to phone out to you. That’s the 1 matter I want. And so I just question, what would it glance like in your daily life if this was the a single point you desired, that you have been looking for right after? How would it look like if the 1 thing you needed was just to be with God and search at God and inquire of God, and then inquire the issue, why not start off living like that?

Psalm 27:4 Is a Challenge to Rethink Our Priorities

What wants to improve in your routine? Or in your priorities? What wants to transform in your coronary heart, in your brain, in your affections, in buy to are living for this one point? Oh God, we know that this is where by existence is identified and becoming with you and looking at and beholding you and contacting out to you that life is not located and more and a lot more and far more and additional stuff in this earth and things this world features us, and oh God, so a lot of matters we want.

We pray that we would lay them all down and that the a person thing we want far more than everything else would be just to dwell with you, God, alone, that we would prioritize in our lives concentrated time by yourself with you on our knees, on our faces, in your phrase, just gazing upon you in all of your magnificence, worshiping you for who you are.

God, make this the priority of my lifetime, of our lives. The one particular factor we’re trying to find right after each individual day, just being with you and inquiring in your temple, in search of you, your path, your advice, your support. God, we pray that our life and everything we do would be the overflow of this one particular point. Even as we praise you for this just one factor, for this privilege of communion with you, God, assist us not choose this privilege evenly or for granted. Aid us to dwell the fullness of this privilege that we get to dwell in your dwelling and we get to gaze on your magnificence into inquire in your temple.

Praying for the Ouargla Individuals

Indeed, God, make our life consumed with this a single matter, we pray. And we pray that you would assistance us to direct many others to this kind of communion with you close to us and close to the earth. God, we pray for the Ouargla persons of Algeria, 23,000 of them, a few followers of Jesus among the them. God bless all those handful of followers of Jesus, we pray. May they gaze upon your magnificence, delight in dwelling with you, and we pray that you would multiply their selection and you would mail laborers to aid them for the distribute of the excellent news of your grace, your appreciate, your glory, your elegance between the Ouargla individuals of Algeria. In Jesus’ title, we pray in accordance to this photograph of just one issue in Psalm 27:4. Amen.