May 21, 2024
The history and beauty of Itoh peonies
This is one of two Itoh peonies that bloomed in Mary Lee's garden in May. Bartzella is its name - a large, full-petaled cultivar which blooms atop dark green foliage.

Some of our peonies march on into June, demonstrating off, spreading fragrance and introducing delight to the flower beds.

Most of our peonies came down from grandmother, the herbaceous variety that look like bushes with greatly laden blooms, mainly pink and purple-petaled. We often prop them forward of this blooming period of time. It helps them stand proudly.

A several several years back, following listening to peony lectures at the Ohio Association of Backyard Clubs faculties, the temptation to basically obtain peonies strike me.

An Itoh peony, a yellow 1, would insert some wide range to the shades in the flower beds. Bartzella popped up in a nursery, and the cost — close to $30 — appeared well really worth it, particularly viewing it in the past two weeks. Huge flowers bloom on the terminal stem ending. The side buds then moved into blossoming. We are talking significant blooms 6- to 8-inches across. Undulating petals encircle a froth of yellow stamen. The blooms’ purples are huge and comprehensive.