July 20, 2024
Tackling kitchen cupboards and closets

Deborah J. Cabral

Tackling kitchen cupboards and closets

This is component 3 of a 3-part collection on spring cleaning.

The last 7 days of our Spring-Cleansing Sequence focuses on kitchen area cabinets and closets.

Right here is your to-do checklist:

Kitchen cabinets

Exterior Clear

Choose a hot soapy cloth with a bit of orange-based cleaner in the resolution and give the outside the house of all cabinets a excellent wiping down to clear away the topcoat of dust and particles. Be guaranteed to wring out the cloth very well to avoid acquiring to dry the cupboards.

Assemble a clean up cloth and wooden furniture polish and address your wooden cupboards to a moisturizing by wiping down all surfaces. Utilizing a lemon/orange scented polish tends to make your kitchen area smell excellent and brings out the grain in your wooden. The orange cleaner acts as a grease slicing agent to assistance you clear away a long time of grime a great deal a lot easier.