June 15, 2024
Pretty but toxic: Watch toddlers around these houseplants | Home & Garden

When viewing pals or household who have both houseplants and younger children, I have been in comparison to “Aunt Bonnie” from the Geico commercial “Aunt Infestation.”

In it, a young couple who just moved into a new residence complains of owning pests — not ants but overbearing “aunts.” Like the one who declares the condiments in their fridge to be “Expired! Expired! Expired!,” I invariably invade room immediately after room of my hosts’ properties exclaiming, “Toxic! Harmful! Harmful!”

I’m pointing out houseplants that need to be retained out of kids’ mouths. And I don’t thoughts dashing friends’ hopes of an Instagram-worthy indoor jungle if it suggests likely protecting against damage.