April 22, 2024
Nurseryman offers sure-fire tips to maximize gardening success | Lakeside News
Nursery owner and gardener Nathan Wilson outside in yard with shovel ready to dig hole for a new plant.

Nathan Wilson at operate

When the Corridor County Grasp Gardeners presented its Fall Symposium, the team integrated area nurseryman Nathan Wilson on the plan. Wilson, operator of Lanier Nursery and Gardens, is aware north Ga gardening.

Although January and February deliver temperatures that discourage working in the landscape, these months of “deep winter” give many chances to start out and/or strengthen your gardens for 2023.

When shrubs and trees are dormant, that is the ideal time to put in them in the landscape.

Initial, they can much better acquire their root procedure when the foliage is not competing for electrical power.

Second, h2o needs are minimized indeed, you nevertheless need to water, but the colder temperatures slice down on evaporation so you can drinking water considerably less usually.

Third, crops will have a probability to settle in in advance of they facial area the better temperatures of summer time.

“These are all fantastic factors to choose advantage of wintertime plantings,” Wilson stated. “Bundle up when you 1st get outside, but you’ll before long obtain that you are going to generate ample heat to peel off some of people layers. And it’s a great way to get off the couch and get shifting.”

Wilson has boiled down property gardening good results into a few uncomplicated measures: style and design, good planting and maintenance.

Right here are his solutions:

Style consists of various aspects, which include plant collection, locale and light. “Choose plants that are native to our region, looking for a mix of colours of foliage and blossoms, where by acceptable, that appeals to you,” he explained. “Contrasting colors give a huge bang for your buck, but also take into account crops of unique sizes, shapes and textures.”

Placement. Make certain you’re locating the plants in the greatest sites for upcoming growth. “A beautiful, indigenous Serviceberry tree you bring household from the nursery is likely to develop, so pick a location that will let it to do so. Really do not crowd these additions to your landscape. Browse plant labels and exploration them on the world-wide-web to find out far more about them.”

Light is vital. Make guaranteed you are supplying optimum mild disorders, specially in the summer season. Yet again the plant labels yield great details.

When you’re planting, digging the proper sized gap is critical. Dig the gap 2 to 3 instances broader than the root ball or pot’s diameter. The depth should be about the height of the root ball or the soil stage in the pot.

“Planting also deep can be damaging, masking up the critical feeder roots at the floor,” Wilson mentioned. “Once the gap is dug, place some smooth soil back on the base so that the plant’s soil stage will be a 50 {ae4c731f0fa9ef51314dbd8cd1b5a49e21f1d642b228e620476f3e076dd7c050}-inch to one particular inch previously mentioned the floor. This allows for settling and will help the plant superior entry nutrients and water as it grows.

Split up any clods prior to backfilling the hole. “When planting trees and shrubs, delicate soil from the hole is greater than adding amendments, so that the roots will be reencouraged to increase out from the root ball into the encompassing floor,” he said.

Routine maintenance. It will keep your trees and shrubs delighted and nutritious.

“Once the shrub is founded, normally within just the initial 6 to 9 months of planting, drinking water well,” he reported. “Check the soil moisture ahead of randomly watering. And when you h2o, h2o deeply but sometimes. Shallow recurrent watering will discourage deep root progress.”

Pruning need to be performed when the plant is actively expanding to permit the cuts to mend adequately. “Also, use selective pruning instead than hedging, producing random cuts at distinctive degrees within the plant. Hedging final results in lousy plant wellbeing mainly because it hinders air circulation and can worry the shrub or tree. A superior guideline is to by no means prune additional than a person-fourth of the growth in a year.”

Mulch can be your close friend. “A 2-inch layer of mulch, saved at the very least 2 inches absent from the trunk, can assist maintain in humidity, prevent weeds and develop natural subject in the soil.”

For more about native plants and suitable gardening strategies, check out Lanier Nursery and Gardens at 4195 Schubert Rd. in Flowery Branch, check out the internet site at www.laniernurserygardens.com or call 470 290-5405.

Photo: by Pamela A. Keene