May 24, 2024
Master Gardener: Creating a moon garden
Carolyn Johnson, Master Gardener

Most of us are fascinated by the evening sky, specially the moon. We have loved moonlit walks when there is a whole moon. We look for the blue moon, our harvest moon, a crescent moon and for the person in the moon. 

We hear to songs that is about the moon…… like “Moon River” by Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini, “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra, and “Moondance” by Van Morrison.  We have relished nursery rhymes that involved this kind of verses as: “the cow jumped about the moon” and “I see the moon and the moon sees me.” We have even traveled to the moon. So why not make and enjoy a moon back garden?

 A moon yard is simply just a back garden that is intended to be loved by the gentle of the moon or at nighttime. The moon gets its mild from the sun. In the very same way that the sun illuminates earth, the moon demonstrates the sun’s gentle, producing it seem vibrant in the sky. This is when the moon is among the solar and the earth, so the side of the moon reflecting daylight is struggling with away from Earth. 

Pure white gladiola make a regal statement as they shimmer in all white moon gardens. The tall blossoms open from bottom to top and bloom mid to late summer.

Moon backyard garden layouts include things like monochromatic collections of white or frivolously colored blooms that open up at night to mirror moonlight, crops that release fragrances at evening that increase to the sensory working experience, and plant foliage that provides a exclusive texture, color or condition at evening. 

A moon garden can be any sizing, condition or style and design. When creating a moon backyard, 1st you will require to find an proper web-site. If area is an difficulty, a moon back garden can be incorporated into an current back garden plot. It can even be located on a patio or balcony making use of a cluster of potted vegetation. Moon garden layouts can be a massive, elaborate garden or just a smaller tiny flowerbed.