July 22, 2024
Living room wall decor ideas from interior designers

If you’re stumped for living room wall decor ideas, we’re not totally surprised. As one of the most popular rooms in the home, a lot hangs on this decision. After all, it’s where we spend much of our time at home, entertaining guests after dinner, and where we entertain ourselves, too.  

“Living rooms are increasingly important to my clients,” says Jenny Vorhoff of New Orleans’ Studio Origa. “People are prioritizing their time at home and see it as a place to do things other than making meals, watching a movie, and sleeping.”

The options are numerous, of course, and go beyond simply hanging art in your living room. From murals to maximalist wallpapers and textured walls, it’s not just what you put on the walls, it’s often the wall itself that becomes decor. Above all, the guiding principle is to keep things personal. According to Krista Little, a partner at Kate Hayes Design in Atlanta, each homeowner’s unique personality guides what decor they choose. “When designing a living room we like to consider how the family will live and use their communal living space (i.e., are they lounging, playing games, hosting, etc.) and marry those day-to-day habits with the style of the house,” says Little.