May 27, 2024
Late fall gardening tips from our expert include soil testing, more
Peony leaf blotch lesions are unsightly but do not harm the overall health of the plant.

Editor’s note: In the course of the rising season, Mike Hogan, OSU Extension Educator for Agriculture & Purely natural Assets in Franklin County, will answer gardening thoughts submitted by Dispatch audience. Mail your inquiries to [email protected].

Q: Is it also late to test my soil this yr? Some of the crops in my vegetable yard did not do properly this season and I’m wanting to know if soil fertility could be an issue.

A: While soil can be examined for fertility and pH at any time of the year, tumble is truly the finest year to do so. At this time of the yr, soil-testing labs are not inundated with samples like they are in early spring, so exam success are normally received from the lab very promptly.

Also, no issue what crop was developed in the soil you would like to check, the period of time has finished when most crops are actively escalating and taking away vitamins from the soil, so a soil examination conducted at this time of the calendar year will deliver a good knowing of where by the nutrient levels are in the soil, which will be valuable at the start off of the expanding year up coming spring.

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Also, if your soil examination indicates a have to have for a massive volume of phosphorous or potassium, slide is an exceptional time to integrate these fertilizers into the soil.