May 21, 2024
IKEA will pay you to return old furniture at select stores



(ABC4) – If you’re tired of looking at old furniture that you bought last year from IKEA, the retailer has announced that it will now pay customers to bring back old furniture.

The IKEA buyback and resell option has now been made available for 37 of its U.S. stores. As a way to help pave a path toward sustainable living, the company has brought back the initiative that was launched late last year.

How does it work?

You start by filling out a form on IKEA’s website in order to receive an emailed quote of the buyback value for your furniture. Customers are asked to bring a copy of their quote, buyback number, and fully assembled furniture to your participating IKEA store where an employee will assess the furniture’s buyback value. 

When you buyback, you will get store credit and your furniture gets a second life in the As-Is department.

What are the buyback requirements?

According to IKEA, the following categories of products are not currently eligible for the furniture buy-back service:

  • Non-IKEA products
  • Home furnishing accessories including lighting and textiles
  • Add-on units and componentry
  • Products that have been used outside including outdoor furniture
  • Mattresses and bad textiles (such as blankets and mattress toppers)
  • Kitchens including bench tops, cabinets, and fronts
  • Modular wardrobes and accessories
  • Electrical appliances and products
  • Chests of drawers
  • “Hacked,” modified or painted products
  • Non-assembled products
  • Market Hall products (including small kitchen goods, art, rugs, and picture frames)
  • Upholstered or leather products
  • Sofas or armchairs
  • Plants
  • Items containing glass (including mirrors)
  • Children’s and baby products (such as cribs, mattresses, and change tables)
  • Beds and bed frames

The retailer said on its website that large quantities and commercially used items are exempt.