May 24, 2024
How to water your garden amid the Indiana summer heat

This summertime has been very hot. Although gardening is generally a relaxing and fulfilling interest for quite a few of us, gardening is not pleasant when the heat index goes above 100. It can make performing outdoors downright depressing. When gardening in the kind of warmth we have been enduring not too long ago, there is a person point that each you and your garden will need in abundance: drinking water.

When watering your garden, keep in mind to consider the time to make a extensive and deep application. It is most effective to water at the base of the plant so that drinking water goes immediately to the root zone. What you want to keep away from is recurrent, light watering. This will only get at the best layer of soil and encourages plant roots to keep shallow. This top layer of soil dries out promptly, so your shallow-rooted crops will be drying out.