May 21, 2024
How to protect your trees and shrubs from cold weather this winter
Tree wraps can prevent winter sunscald on the trunks of fruit trees and other trees with thin bark such as maple and beech.

Throughout the coming winter season months, harsh temperature and hungry critters can make the colder months hard on some crops. The coldest months of the yr can be the most demanding to the well being of trees and shrubs, people plants which are the foundation vegetation in most residential landscapes. Unexpected frigid temperature blasts, hit-or-miss out on moisture, drying winds, and even hungry wildlife can cause destruction to trees and shrubs that could not be apparent right up until future spring when these vegetation split dormancy.

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Mike Hogan

Below are 6 recommendations on how you can aid the trees and shrubs in your landscape prevent dead branches, chewed bark, and frostbitten roots this wintertime.

1. Correct plant, right position

You have probably heard me utter the phrase “ideal plant, suitable area” ahead of. And which is since it is a bedrock horticultural basic principle for retaining balanced vegetation. The most effective way to boost the likelihood of your trees and shrubs surviving a severe wintertime is to select the most suitable tree and shrub species for the climate listed here in Bigger Columbus.