May 20, 2024
How to Make Your Shower Floor Non-Slippery

A slippery shower floor can be perilous as it could lead to accidents major to significant accidents. It could be a lot more hazardous if you have little ones, more mature people today, and loved ones associates with mobility troubles.

The good thing is, there are strategies to reduce your shower flooring from becoming slippery. We mentioned some of them below — pros and downsides provided to make it easier for you to choose which one fits you greatest.

Use anti-slip coating

It is a liquid merchandise that you can implement to your shower flooring to include grip. Although the software recommendations might a bit change depending on the brand, the fundamental ways are normally the similar. To start with, clear and dry the flooring. Mark the region you want to coat, pour the solution and distribute on the marked area employing rollers, then leave to dry. Most companies endorse leaving coating to dry for five several hours.

  • Execs: It’s inexpensive and lower maintenance
  • Downsides: The software necessitates time and exertion. It could change yellow in the lengthy operate, and it may peel if uncovered to severe cleaning merchandise or chemicals

 Use anti-slip answer

An anti-slip answer is also water-based mostly, but contrary to a coating, it’s invisible, so you will not see nearly anything on the surface when used. Rather, it alters the chemical elements of the floor to boost grip and reduce slipping.

  • Pros: It’s effortless to utilize and invisible.
  • Downsides: It’s not long-lasting, so you may well require to reapply. It also demands time and work

Increase a seat and bar handle

It’s a far more permanent answer because the seat and cope with will be there as prolonged as you want them. You can get the bar deal with for assist. Sitting when showering is safer given that you are not stepping on the moist ground. If you prepare to invest in a shower enclosure, some choices include things like a seat and bar deal with. Nonetheless, there is no will need to get worried about installing a bar tackle or getting a seat that will match the enclosure while trying to keep it desirable since the shower cabins you will obtain on web-sites like JTSpas currently have them.

  • Execs: It’s a permanent alternative. Some shower enclosures come with a seat and seize bar
  • Drawbacks: The handlebar demands installation if it does not come with the enclosure. You also need to obtain a seat that fits the shower place and seems pleasing to the eye 

Get an anti-slip shower tray

Shower trays now have much better grips, therefore creating them safer. If you have an old shower tray that doesn’t have this aspect nonetheless, it may well be time to upgrade to a new 1 with an anti-slip function.

  • Pros: It’s a long-lasting answer. Also, unique colours and types are out there
  • Drawbacks: Set up is far more laborious , and it is extra costly.

Use adhesive treads

Adhesive treads are commonly utilized on stairs, but some are made for the bathroom flooring. These items are affordable, and they are also simple to set up.

  • Professionals: The’re affordable and straightforward to set up.
  • Cons:= They could peel off without having correct installation

Do not hazard getting wounded due to a slippery shower ground. The previously mentioned are some of your possibilities to make your flooring non-slippery.