April 25, 2024
Gardening Tips: Vegetable pests | Columnists

The early time backyard garden “honeymoon” is about, as early summer season pests are showing to ravage our vegetable gardens. I however have not figured out exactly what has happened to my tomato crops, but I now believe it may possibly have been herbicide drift from a chemical termed Diquat that I sprayed around the back garden. Be really mindful when making use of any herbicides on your garden, or anyplace else through warm climate. These chemicals can volatize and invisibly “drift” 50 or far more ft away.

Dry weather conditions is also putting plants below strain, producing them extra inclined to bugs and conditions. Early blight is the most common tomato ailment and it is ravaging my already pressured crops, significantly even worse than I have viewed in numerous a long time. I go to good lengths to disinfect my tomato cages and stakes every single spring, but the illness often comes on the transplants that I buy. It also above-winters in mulch and soil, which is why it is vital to rotate your crops as much as achievable.

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