April 25, 2024
GARDEN GUIDE: Lives in the Leaves: The beautiful moths and butterflies that sleep in the Fall | Archives

The Tumble shade can be hit or miss in North Carolina, but this calendar year, we have experienced a wonderful mosaic of reds, yellows, oranges and browns in Lee County, North Carolina. This shade range will allow for a multitude of insects and other animals to conceal in simple sight and put together for the coming winter season climate.

To help these wild neighbors, the “Leave the Leaves” marketing campaign has been taken up by many nationwide conservation groups and social media has been flooded with appeals for the community to end getting rid of leaves that fall or at minimum push them in excess of to the edges of home. It is a major paradigm shift in the modern-day concept of “fall clean up-up” in the United States, but owning leaves to shelter in influences upcoming year’s populations. Let’s appear at a handful of of our favorites that use tumble leaves and useless sticks to brave the winter.

Amanda Wilkins is Horticulture Agent for Lee County.