June 15, 2024
Dangers of a Commercial Roof Self-Inspection

You want to cut costs as a business owner. Sometimes that means doing it yourself. A roof inspection and minor repairs, especially if your roof is flat, may seem easy to do by yourself. You run the risk of getting hurt or falling off your roof. Your roof warranty can be canceled.

Safety Hazards

It is dangerous to get too close to your roof’s edge. Slipping or stepping on something could result in a fall. Also, be aware of skylights or compromised decking. You should not attempt to inspect your roof because it has a leak or any other issue. Contact us instead. Your roof may be unsafe

Voiding Warranties

Any minor repairs to a roof by you could void your warranty. Roof warranties should be detailed in the terms and conditions. They should also specify who can make repairs and what materials. Voiding a warranty could lead to significant financial losses.

OSHA Violations Possible

Remember that once you begin any roof work, it becomes a job site and is subject to safety regulations. You are likely to be familiar with OSHA rules as a business owner and you must comply with them. This is especially true if there are any employees or partners involved in the project.

You Can Do the Following Things on Your Roof

While we don’t say you shouldn’t be able to get onto your roof, we do recommend that you become aware of all the possible dangers. While there are some things you can do for your roof, it is still possible to be injured. To prepare for heavy rains or storms, you can unclog drains. After a storm, you can clean out debris and inspect for obvious damage like missing or damaged roofing, punctures, holes, or dents from tree damage, among others. Don’t attempt to repair the damage yourself. The All-Star Roofing experts can handle this.

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