April 24, 2024
Common Sewer Pipe Problems and How Pipelining Services Can Solve Them

There’s a lot that can go wrong with your sewer line. These pipes are responsible for taking waste away from homes and large buildings, so if they’re not working correctly, it can cause serious problems.

One of the most common issues with sewer lines is clogs. This problem is often solved by hiring a plumber for drain cleaning. However, a more permanent solution is to have the cord replaced.

Clogged Drains

If you’ve noticed a recurring issue with your toilets or tub drains slowing or backing up with water and sewage, this is a clear sign of a problem with the sewer line. This may be due to a blockage, crack, or misalignment. Addressing the issue immediately will prevent further damage and protect your property value, health, and safety.

Some clogs are caused by debris, like hair, sludge, or grease, and can be cleared with a drain snake or another plumbing solution. For more stubborn clogs, plumbers can use hydro jetting to break up the clog and flush it away.

Other clogs are caused by structural issues with the pipe, such as a collapsed or broken section. This can happen naturally with age and environmental factors like soil shift or seismic activity. Your plumber will likely recommend trenchless sewer repair to replace the damaged pipe without extensive digging. This will prevent costly and messy excavation.

Old Pipes

There are a variety of problems that can cause your sewer line to break down. They can range from simple clogs to collapsed or cracked pipes. When these problems are left untreated for an extended period, it can lead to foundation issues, settlement of your home or building, and even sinkholes.

Leaking or corroding pipes are usually caused by age and wear and tear. This is why it is essential to have regular inspections done on your drain and sewer lines.

In addition, trenchless sewer pipelining services are the best way to repair these old pipes without digging up your entire property. These services use a specialty liner with epoxy resin inserted into your damaged pipe. This process will seal any holes, cracks, or leaks causing sewage to spill out. It is also a cost-effective solution compared to excavating and installing new pipes.

Tree Root Intrusion

Tree roots are drawn to the water and nutrients in buried pipes. A broken or misaligned pipe often allows these roots to penetrate the line, attacking it at its weakest points. This can cause significant clogs and breaks that require immediate repair.

Severe root intrusion can also lead to toxic sewage backups that could seep into your home or business. This type of backup is dangerous to your health, family, and pets. If you suspect root intrusion, a plumber can use a camera inspection snake to spot the problem and a video monitor to help locate the problem section of the sewer line.

You can help prevent root intrusion by only flushing toilet paper and bodily waste down the drains, dumping grease and oils into a garbage can, and planting trees far away from utility lines. If you suspect you have root intrusion, call a professional immediately to avoid significant damage and costly repairs.

Pipe Shifting

Many things, including tree roots, soil shifts, and old pipes, cause sewer line damage. The pipes that carry waste from your home are buried underground and out of sight, so you might only think about them if something goes wrong. When they fail, the result is sewage backup in your drains and toilets and foul-smelling wastewater spilling from your yard.

Shifting soil puts pressure on the pipes, driving wastewater away from your home. This can cause them to crack or leak. If the leaks are not repaired immediately, they can contaminate groundwater and cause flooding in your basement.

The good news is that your sewer line can be repaired with pipelining. This no-dig solution uses epoxy to restore the pipe’s internal integrity and seal any cracks or holes. You might be surprised at how affordable and quick a repair can be! Call a local plumber to get an inspection and free estimate.