May 24, 2024
Boost the beauty of spring flowering shrubs
Use bypass hand pruners on smaller stems of spring flowering shrubs.

Carry your overgrown lilacs, forsythia, mock orange, pieris and other spring flowering shrubs down to dimensions while retaining their pure attractiveness and spring floral screen.

Prune spring blooming shrubs correct following flowering for greatest flowering. These shrubs set their flower buds in summer season so pruning at other instances of the year lessens or removes the spring floral display. Important pruning on these shrubs can also be carried out in late winter. It’s simpler to see what wants cutting and the crops reply properly to pruning at this time of the yr. You are going to just eradicate some of the spring flowers.

Summertime blooming shrubs like potentilla, beautyberry, and Annabelle-variety hydrangeas flower on new development. Prune these, when wanted, in late wintertime or early spring right before advancement begins or at any time through the dormant season.