June 24, 2024
Best garden rakes to tidy your lawn in 2023

hoose the right lawn rake and you’ll start to look forward to the windy, blustery times of the year that require a little extra upkeep in the garden. Once a frustrating task where the results never seems to last long, a good lawn rake promises to give the entire scenario a shake-up, making this dull task into something almost enjoyable.

If you’re reading this smugly thinking that the leaves don’t dare approach your lawn and this isn’t a problem you often find yourself with, firstly, the British weather may just have something to say about that but secondly, you may still want to invest in a garden rake if you’re looking to keep your outdoor space at its best. While, the primary use of a lawn rake is to remove leaves, grass clippings and other debris from your garden, regular use also has its own benefits.

Raking your lawn can help to promote healthy growth by removing dead grass and thatch. If your grass struggles to grow (and really is greener on the other side), a regular raking can encourage those lower levels of grass to perk up a little.

Raking your lawn can also help with aeration, which is the process of creating small holes in the soil to improve water and nutrient absorption. This process helps to loosen compacted soil and promote root growth, making it an essential Sunday morning step if you’re hoping to plant vegetables, fruits or flowers later in the year.

If the joys of a blooming garden don’t encourage you to invest in a lawn rake, perhaps the fear of the unwanted will: too much buildup of leaves and debris on your lawn can create a breeding ground for mould and fungi. And, guess what? A regular rake will sort all of that out, too.

We’ve rounded up all of the best lawn rakes.

Sneeboer Ten Tines Soil Rake

Harrod Horticultural

The Sneeboer Ten Tines Soil Rake is widely regarded as one of the best tools for any gardener looking to cultivate and maintain their garden properly. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this durable rake features ten individual tines, making it ideal for breaking up soil or aerating and loosening compacted earth.

Its handle is made from ash wood for a comfortable grip and its traditional design ensures minimal soil disturbance, allowing for better root growth and increased drainage. This versatile rake also helps weed more easily, enabling you to remove stubborn weeds without damaging other plants.

Burgon & Ball Mid Handled Shrub Rake

Greenhouse People

Made from resilient carbon steel and ash timber, this professional-grade shrub rake is designed to last season after season and make light work of clearing away leaves, weeds and other debris in even the most difficult areas. Featuring a 16-tine head with an angled edge to ensure maximum efficiency, this garden rake helps to speed up the process on a Sunday morning so you can focus on the more exciting elements of gardening.

Bosch universalverticut 1100 electric lawn raker

Keen Gardener

The Bosch UniversalVerticut 1100 Electric Lawn Raker might just be the fastest – and most satisfying – way to rake your lawn without too much effort exerted. Its powerful 1100 watt motor makes it easy to use and capable of tackling even the toughest overgrown areas and, with its adjustable tine speed, you’re free to control the intensity of raking so you achieve just the right level of grooming on each area.

Spear & Jackson 2155NS Select Carbon Steel Flexo Lawn Rake


Looking for something a little more gentle to tackle the garden with? The Spear & Jackson 2155NS Select Carbon Steel Flexo Lawn Rake features flexible carbon steel tines that are designed to gently groom the lawn without damaging it, helping to ensure a healthier and more attractive outdoor oasis that’s ready to be admired. A top choice for gardening on a time limit, this rake also has a wide head for quicker coverage and efficient collection of debris.

Jardineer 160cm Garden Leaf Rake


Looking for a garden rake that gets deep into the corners and trickier-shaped parts of the lawn? The Jardineer 160cm Garden Leaf Rake is the perfect tool for effortlessly collecting leaves and debris from your garden, lawn and patio no matter what shape your garden follows.

With a telescopic handle that’s comfortable to grip, it offers maximum reach and flexibility for reaching across large areas. Its flexible tines are designed to delicately pick up leaves from flower beds and other delicate plants without damaging them, while its lightweight design makes it easy to get through your tasks without much elbow grease required.

ROLIAT Steel Garden Rake for Lawn


Start the kids off young by getting them involved with the gardening, thanks to this adjustable-height garden rake. The ROLIAT Steel Garden Rake for Lawn is a versatile tool with an adjustable telescopic handle and a length of 98 cm to 165 cm, making it suitable for use by all members of the family regardless of height (or excuse). Constructed from strong steel that’s been designed to work effectively in wet or dry conditions, this is a rake that promises not to let you down come rain or shine.

Bulldog BUL7128 Lawn & Leaf Rakes


The Bulldog BUL7128 Lawn & Leaf Rakes are some of the most budget friendly garden rakes around. Perfect for stocking up the garden shed without spending a fortune, this affordable rake comes with comfortable soft grip handles, making it easy to use even when working for long periods of time. While it’s one of the most accessibly priced rakes around, it doesn’t skimp on quality, with its high-grade steel structure and wide head.

Gardena Combisystem Rake – Blue


Who says garden tools have to be boring? This Gardena Combisystem Rake comes in a bright and cheerful blue shade, complementing those gorgeous blue skies that you no doubt fantasise about when planning your ideal Sunday morning in the garden. This high-quality rake is made from durable materials so it won’t break, even under heavy strain. Its curved head design makes it comfortable to work with and its specially designed teeth help to maintain smooth soil, while removing weeds and other unwanted elements.

Lanyota Lawn Leaf Rake


The Lanyota Lawn Leaf Rake is the perfect tool for those looking to quickly and easily clean up their garden. Suitable for both small and large gardens, its telescopic handle allows for easy adjusting, so you can reach further into corners or harder to access areas. It’s also one of the lightest options around, with an easy-to-hold design that won’t add extra strain on your arms or back, so you can use over extended periods of time.

MOVKZACV Gardening Hand Rake


You probably don’t want a huge rake if you’re tackling a smaller part of the garden. But a smaller option doesn’t always come with the design or grip to make the chore less of a chore, which means hunting down the right option to get the job done faster is incredibly important. This MOVKZACV Gardening Hand Rake ticks all the boxes for smaller gardens, with a pulverised and aerated design that ensures maximum efficiency when picking up soil, leaves, twigs and rocks.


There’s a good reason you’ll see the Sneeboer Ten Tines Soil Rake highlighted in so many gardening magazines: this is a garden rake that makes raking an enjoyable part of the garden renovation process. Its high-quality materials and strong design make it an essential choice for gardens of all sizes.