May 25, 2024
Best fragrant flowers: 10 scented choices for your garden

Fragrant flowers add an extra dimension to any garden, making your outdoor space a feast for all the senses. Scent is one of the most savored and sought-after qualities in a garden plant, and many scented florals are also fantastic for cutting, allowing you to fill your home with their beautiful perfume, too. 

Including fragrant flowers in your flower bed ideas will enhance your enjoyment of your garden. Aroma often draws you to a plant before you can even see it, and engaging with fragrant flowers and foliage is a key part of a sensory garden experience. With the right choice of plants, there’s no reason your outdoor space can’t be filled with wonderful, sweet smelling blooms all year round. 

Fragrant flowers

Sensory garden ideas with fragrant flowers

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton Photography)

To get the most out of your fragrant flowers, consider planting them around seating areas, paths and doorways where you can enjoy their scent to the full.