June 18, 2024
Bay trees are a beautiful addition to the garden and useful kitchen herb VIDEO
Bay trees can be a thing of beauty. Left, a topiarised bay tree in Bembridge and right, Richard's self-seeded bay tree. <i>(Image: Richard Wright)</i>

Bay trees can be a factor of splendor. Still left, a topiarised bay tree in Bembridge and ideal, Richard’s self-seeded bay tree. (Impression: Richard Wright)

SOME of you will be lucky adequate to be gifted a bay tree or two this Xmas…

Most of you way too will receive much enjoyment from this sturdy shrub which in ball-educated type is a so-modern doorstep decoration – some of you will not…

Now, I considered the bay (Laurus nobilis) to be nearly indestructible, but a neighbour has proved that to be not the circumstance…

Though we have smugly watched our self-seeded bay bush prosper in the partial shade (not fascinating) in multi-objective compost (also not attractive) in a smaller pot for yrs (surely not conducive to healthier lifestyle) theirs have provided up the ghost.

Isle of Wight County Press: Left, Richard's bay tree, and right, his neighbours' tree, which looks rather sickly.

Isle of Wight County Push: Still left, Richard’s bay tree, and appropriate, his neighbours’ tree, which appears to be like alternatively sickly.

Remaining, Richard’s bay tree, and appropriate, his neighbours’ tree, which seems to be fairly sickly. (Picture: Richard Wright)

Regardless of all the earlier mentioned NOT getting the case of subsequent door’s conditions the leaves of their topiarised balls yellowed, browned and eventually died. Ever-green it is now not.

In comparison our minor bay, which provides abundant leaves for cooking – when not pretty – has thrived on neglect and I can only suppose that the mystery is in the soil, or rather the humidity within just it.

Two primary factors get rid of containerised bays, above-watering or underwatering.

The 3rd, lower temperatures beneath -5°C (23°F) have, until finally lately, not been a component.

So, a few strategies, if Father Xmas decides on a pair of replacements for Andi and Roy…

Bays like a soil-centered compost, this sort of as John Innes No 2, or a soil-significantly less potting compost, with lots of further grit included to boost equally steadiness and drainage.

Container-developed bays should be watered reasonably, so give them a soak, let the containers practically dry-out and then h2o some extra. Drainage can be aided by pot ‘feet’.

Look at: A limited video clip on bay trees

Increase managed-release fertiliser granules to the compost or a liquid feed each and every two weeks from mid-spring to late summer season

Repot bay each individual two decades in spring, or if you especially like the containers in which they reside, hoik the shrubs out and tease off a person 3rd of the roots right before adding fresh compost and a prime dressing.

Oh, and hold almost everything crossed.

Any gardener will tell you that often you do every thing you can and somehow it’s not adequate…

RICHARD’S Best Tips:

  • Wisteria, fruit trees (excluding stone fruits), roses, Japanese maples and grape vines are some of all those that gain from a winter prune, but try to steer clear of carrying out it if freezing climate is on the horizon.

  • Choose root cuttings of oriental poppies and expand them on in cold frames or the greenhouse.

  • Choose hardwood cuttings from trees and shrubs.

  • Whilst many sections of the backyard garden and allotment are cleared, use this possibility to put in a long lasting network of really hard-carrying paths.

  • Lift and divide set up rhubarb crowns – it will renew their vigour. Sections taken from the outside of the crown are improved than people from the centre.

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Isle of Wight County Press: Bay leaves are a useful garden herb too!

Isle of Wight County Push: Bay leaves are a handy backyard garden herb way too!

Bay leaves are a beneficial backyard herb as well! (Image: Pixabay)