June 25, 2024
AD Editors Share 27 of Their Favorite Black-Owned Businesses 2023

Emmanuel Olunkwa with his E&Ko. collection of functional furniture. Photo: Jasmine Clarke

Photo: Jasmine Clarke

“Right before Emmanuel Olunkwa became the editor of Pin-Up, he debuted a line of his own functional furniture. My personal favorite piece from the collection is this adorable side table made out of birchwood plywood. I envy all who snagged it during the last lap of the SSENSE sale! Long live flower power ✿” —Sydney Gore, digital design editor

“Former NFL player Darryl Sharpton discovered his admiration for design while attending the University of Miami. Outside of his workload as a student and athlete, Darryl sold furniture as a side hustle which cultivated an even greater interest in design. When he decided to retire after playing five seasons of professional football, Darryl and his wife Jessica opened Edloe Finch. Together, the couple has successfully developed a furniture business where they create contemporary and trim homeware that can be found exclusively online.” —Andrea Lewis, assistant to the global editorial director

Estelle Colored Wine Stemware (Set of 6)

“I am consistently impressed with Estelle Colored Glass—their lineup of handblown glassware includes gorgeous stemware, decanters, and cake stands. All the colorful pieces are so unique and beautiful—they’re seriously one of a kind. Plus, I love the fact that the creator (Stephanie Summerson Hall) named the entire brand after her grandmother Estelle. What a way to carry on a legacy!” Kristi Kellogg, contributor

“If you’re looking to make a good impression with a stellar housewarming or hostess gift, I’d go with any one of Estelle’s handblown colored glass sets, which are both elegant and whimsical. I have an all-red set of these stemless wineglasses, which I keep displayed on my countertop because they’re just so beautiful (especially around the time of day when they catch the sunlight)!” —Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Everthine Antiques & Stationery Naomi Victorian Letter Set

“I love how Megan Dorsey reimagines Blackness in the Victorian era through her independent business Everthine Antiques & Stationery. In addition to the books, jewelry, clothing, ephemera, art, furniture, and miscellaneous home goods that she finds, Megan designs her own stationery and calling cards to honor and celebrate her ancestors.” —Sydney Gore, digital design editor

Orange Culture Sun-rise Puffer

“Founded by writer and entrepreneur Amira Rasool, the Folklore Connect is a wholesale marketplace that discovers and scales diverse B2B, consumer, and media product businesses to new heights through streamlined sales technology. My favorite item from the Folklore Group is the Sun-rise puffer from Orange Culture, a high-end Nigerian menswear line that imbues contemporary streetwear with the Nigerian diaspora. I love this puffer’s metallic finish and bold color story, which brings this structured, simple silhouette to life.” —Livia Caligor, content operations associate

Golde Clean Greens Face Mask

Golde Original Turmeric Latte Blend

“Golde makes you feel good inside and out. The superfoods brand, founded by Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori, makes two products I’ve had in constant rotation the past few years: the Clean Greens face mask and the Turmeric Superfood Latte. With chlorella and spirulina, this mask is the ultimate detox. Golde calls it a smoothie for your face, and I could’t agree more–my very sensitive skin drinks it right up. As for literally drinking, the turmeric blend is delicious in hot drinks or sprinkled in yogurt, on oatmeal, or wherever you might want a golden boost of anti-inflammatory goodness.” —Rachel Fletcher, senior commerce editor

“If you’re shopping for any sort of gift (including for yourself!), I’d highly recommend Goodee, whose unique selection of homeware and decor items range from classic to totally unexpected at any price point. Personally, I don’t think you’d be disappointed with this classic hoodie from the brand or maybe this Acne Studios scarf-esque throw blanket for your space.” —Audrey Lee, commerce editor 

Berea College Shakerbraid Broom

“If I’m ever in need of a beautifully crafted object—especially something useful for my house—I make my way to Goodee. The online marketplace has endless options for stunning blankets, glassware, seating, and more. I recently stumbled upon this broom made by Berea College students using Appalachian methods, and it’s almost too beautiful to use. The stunning tool will likely last you a lifetime whether you use it for display or cleaning.” —Zoë Sessums, digital design writer 

Grounded Plants Golden Pothos

“One of my favorite purchases of 2020 was an acrylic planter from DC-based Grounded. Not only do founders Mignon Hemsley and Danuelle Doswell stock gorgeous, healthy greenery for any experience level, they also curate plant accessories that are, dare I say, sexy, and have built a modern and visually distinct brand in a category that often looks more or less the same.” – Rachel Fletcher, senior commerce editor

Hood Century 16 Modern Architecture Style Flashcards

“If you’re not already familiar with Hood Century, this set of flashcards is the perfect introduction for anyone that appreciates design history. Jerald “Coop” Cooper’s mission through these education tools is simple: make the architecture world more accessible for the homies. (As he once told me, ‘I hate consumerism, and I like to be as jiggy as the next man, so that’s a conflict, but I felt like I couldn’t do that.… Since we know popular culture works so well, utilizing that has been one of my favorite things and something I continue to want to do.’) Support the cause and don’t sleep on the Instagram account, you won’t want to miss out on all the posts.” —Sydney Gore, digital design editor

Jams Hook Pillow by Jungalow

“Though I’m charmed by just about anything from Jungalow founder Justina Blakeney, the designer’s wool and cotton hook pillows are a frequent fixation of mine. And while there’s plenty of eye-catching designs and motifs to choose from, as of right now, this Jams pillow is my current favorite thanks to the periwinkle and ochre color combination, plus the playful tassels adorning each corner.” —Audrey Lee, commerce editor 

The Koop Golden Hour Strawberry & Musk Candle

“The Koop New York is a Brooklyn-based, family-run candle shop that was established in 2020 by founder Kristin Balgar as a place of solace during the global pandemic. All of their candles are hand poured and crafted with nontoxic, phthalate-free fragrance oils and coconut-soy blend wax. The names of their candles (along with their scents of course) really do transport you to another place. A personal favorite is their Golden Hour candle, which instantly takes me out of a cold winter month straight into the sunsets of summer with its fruity and sweet musk notes. Even though it’s February, I’m ready to start blasting some Kacey Musgraves and get into the summer spirit with this candle.” —Rebecca Grambone, social media associate