April 25, 2024
A Guide to Chic Farmhouse Style, According to Experts
farmhouse bedroom


Outfitting your home with the best decorative accents allows you to change the tone of your space, especially with popular design aesthetics like farmhouse. The perennially-popular style focuses on creating rustic spaces that are simple and inviting, and of course, beautiful. Modern farmhouse style, meanwhile, promotes the same welcoming spirit but centers on clean lines, bright neutrals, and high contrast. For those who can’t get enough of farmhouse design, we spoke to experts to share insight on the chic must-haves for your shopping cart.

First off: It shouldn’t be too precious. Pottery Barn’s Chief Design Officer, Monica Bhargava, says, “Warmth, comfort, and a certain familiarity are at the heart of farmhouse style. The materials are often humble, but there’s beauty in the simplicity.”

“We typically start with the ‘aha’ piece of antique furniture (the one you can’t stop thinking about) and build from there,” say Laeticia Gorra and Sarah Needleman of Roarke Studio (who designed the interiors for country homewares store The Six Bells). After that, says the duo, mix and matching is key to conquering the style. “In our interpretation of farmhouse chic, we use a lot of layers, both in materials and prints,” they advise. Read on for more expert tips on achieving the style at home.

How to Create a Chic Farmhouse Home

Bhargava’s farmhouse checklist will ensure you’ve found the best pieces. “It’s a style with an interesting juxtaposition of materials – warm natural wood next to woven naturals, crisp whites. The combination of clean, simple lines and relaxed materials makes things feel elevated and laid-back all at once,” Bharagava explains. So here’s what to include:

  • Woven textures
  • Accents of bronze and black
  • Casual comfortable sofas
  • Neutral bedding.
  • A lot of white
  • High contrast between coffee/side table or fixtures/mirrors
  • A touch of patina

    If you’re big on statement pieces in your home, Gorra and Needleham find charm in the details. “Country iconography is timeless and for that reason, it’s both lovely and doubles as a good investment. Antiques with roosters, tulips, schoolhouses, and other traditional farmhouse symbols are usually the first ones I gravitate to,” says Audrey. Prepared to begin? The duo suggests searching for large antique pieces that will ground the space, like a farmhouse table or breakfast buffet. Shop our chic farmhouse decor finds below!

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“Mixing prints will give the home a lived-in farmhouse feel,” Gorra and Needleman say. “Prints can range from block prints to stripes to ikats.”

Contrasting prints in a bright white room will switch up your seating arrangements.


Gazelle Pillow, $274.50

Enlargen a room with modern mirrors as seen in this bathroom designed by Kristin Fine. You can even bring this clever trick into your living room!


Adelynn Antique Brass Oval Wall Mirror, $449

“Pieces don’t need to be matchy-matchy, they just need to live in the same space,” say Gorra and Needleman. Yes. Bronze, satin, or antique can live in one room. Choose a wall sconce that plays on the decorative accents around your sink like this chic cabin designed by Heidi Caillier.


Stainless Steel Tray, $17

Play up classic prints with color! Finish the room with a vibrant bedside lamp that coordinates with the print (similar to this bedroom designed by Abney Morton Interiors.

“Don’t be scared to mix and match—a gingham table cloth topped with a jute placemat, splatter ware plates and block print napkins will make the space feel inviting and lived in,” the pair continue.


Parakeet Toby Brass Accents Table Lamp, $170

Bhargava advises adding a touch of patina into your space, whether it’s a vase, dinnerware, or distressed wood. The coffee table in this bedroom designed by Leanne Ford Interiors has all the inspiration you need.

“The look of something rustic or timeworn always adds visual appeal to your own mix. Rustic pieces add a sense of personality and lived-in comfort,” says Bhargava.


Toscana Coffee Table, $699

What’s farmhouse decor without a nod to classic florals? Kristin Fine takes things up a notch by selecting a sculptural piece that brings out the colors of the florals.


Diego Olivero Terracotta Sculptural Object, $68

Whether it’s your vanity table, dresser, or mantel, this bedroom styled by Ben Kendrick proves that you don’t have to choose a favorite standout piece when decorating. Set your beautiful antique finds on display will show off your personality.


Bird Candelabra, $49

Modern farmhouse decor can elevate your bedroom (even without a bed frame) when you make the rug the center of attention.

“Natural materials warm things up, lend organic form to soften your space and add appealing texture along the way,” Bhargava states.


Dash and Albert Rugs, Kuba Jute Rug, $820

Create a Pinterest board-worthy laundry room with a system that not only works but looks amazing! The jute baskets can be used just about anywhere in your home.


Beachcomber Handle Basket, $249

“Don’t forget to pick your favorite color to accent your home, whether it’s a chambray blue, or sometimes just a bowl of lemons on the kitchen counter, or your favorite greenery,” Bhargava suggests.

This eye-catching green kitchen designed by Heidi Caillier comes to life with green plants and veggies on the counters.

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