May 24, 2024
5 Ways To Try Out The Limitless Luxe Trend

We could all do with a little extra luxury in our life, and it seems like we’re not the only ones to think so. Pinterest has highlighted ‘limitless luxe’ as a key interior trend for 2022.

So, what’s it all about? Limitless luxe is all about creating an added sense of luxury to spaces in the home that are either forgotten or overlooked – entrances and downstairs loos, for example. It’s also about adding luxury to specific aspects of the home, such as our beds, dining tables and storage options – the things we use, but don’t necessarily prioritise to be luxurious.

You don’t have to completely overhaul your home, either. Limitless luxe can be as simple as upgrading your bedding or investing in matching storage sets – anything that shows thought, care and a touch of elegance, really. If our living room can be luxurious, why not our utility room?

Keep reading to find out how you can try out the limitless luxe trend in your home.

Give your bed 5* hotel treatment

Hotel rooms and luxury go hand-in-hand – especially when it comes to bedding! Sinking into plump pillows and a thick duvet are highlights of any hotel stay, but why should the experience end when you check out?

With the right bedding (and a little bit of clever styling) you can achieve a hotel-quality snooze without ever leaving your own house. Choose feather (or feather effect) duvets, white sheets made from high-quality natural fibres like cotton, and a thickly cushioned mattress topper. When it comes to cushions and pillows, more is more.

neva velvet finish ottoman bed frame

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sofacom thea bed

Lucy Ackroyd, Head of Design at Christy, comments: ‘When it comes to dressing your bed, building up the perfect number of pillows, cushions and throws will have a big impact on both the style and comfort.

‘Go for between three and six cushions depending on the width of your bed and group them together by size, with the largest at the back. For the finishing touch, a statement throw (or two!) is essential for a luxe, beautifully dressed bed.’

Don’t forget to give your downstairs loo an upgrade

No room in the house is frequented more by guests than the downstairs toilet. However, it’s often neglected when it comes to matters of design and decoration. There’s no reason why your loo can’t look good and be a fully functional space at the same time.

velina pink peony wallpaper

valspar paint   green bathroom  colour laurel wreath, ebony lake

Given the size of the average loo, updating it doesn’t take much time or effort. Simple upgrades like coordinating towel and ring hooks are effortless to install, as are bathroom mirrors and stylish bathroom bins. Make a real statement with boldly patterned wallpaper and a statement light fixture.

Kate Salmon, Head of Buying for Homeware at Oliver Bonas says: ‘No matter how small the room, adding a plant (real or fake) will give it a boost of greenery, sure to look good with any decor. Stylish soap dispensers and a fragrant diffuser will turn your bathroom into a heavenly sanctuary you just won’t want to leave.’

Use your dining table as a visual focal point

Every home needs a dining table, it’s just a fact. Often the most versatile piece of furniture in the house, your dining table is also a work-from-home space, craft area. and homework station. Unfortunately, this does mean it can end up as a dumping ground for all kinds of clutter, ruining its aesthetic qualities.

natural luxe home decoration ideas

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Andrea Waters, Head of Brands at Spode, says: ‘One way to keep your table looking glam 24/7 is to keep your table set and looking beautiful all the time; this way it won’t get filled with clutter!

‘Style your table with an array of accessories, including placemats with chic floral patterns laid out in everyone’s place setting, an opulent vase centrepiece housing a bouquet of fresh flowers, and a shimmering table runner for a runway look.’

Make an entrance worthy of compliments

If you want to make an instant impression on guests, the best thing you can do is update the space they see first – your hallway. It’s a great way to set the scene for the rest of your home and show off your interior taste from the get-go. Don’t underestimate the versatility of such a space, as there are plenty of ways to get creative and make the most impact.

welcoming white and yellow hallway decorating scheme

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tidy hallwayentrance way

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Amy Wilson, Interior Designer for 247 Curtains, explains: ‘Whether your hallway is spacious or fairly narrow, I’d always recommend adding in an oversized light – either hanging or standing. Not only will this help give the illusion of a larger space, but also leaves the room feeling full of grandeur and luxury.

‘If your hallway is currently painted with one colour, a good tip is to break this up a little by painting halfway up the walls, either to the dado or to create the illusion of there being one. As for accessories, you should add plenty of these. Think slim console tables, foliage and a large mirror.’

Prioritise sophisticated storage options

If there’s one thing that isn’t luxurious, it’s clutter. It’s not only a visual eyesore; clutter also makes it near impossible to relax, which is not ideal when trying to enjoy your home. There should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place – this way, you can prioritise displaying chosen décor and really elevate your interior style.

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Jonathan Warren, Director and Bed Specialist at Time4Sleep, suggests how to incorporate this in the bedroom: ‘To incorporate the limitless luxe trend to your storage, line your storage bed or storage boxes with wallpaper that matches what you have in your bedroom, or a wallpaper that is complementary to your bedroom’s colour and theme.’

Seek out double duty pieces and make your storage work harder in every room of your home, from your living room to the bathroom, not just functionally, but aesthetically, too.

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