June 24, 2024
2023 CAST Preview: Danziger – Garden Center

Notable new types to be launched at Solid 2023 by Danziger. A lot more varieties are obtainable in the complete preview. 

CASCADIAS Vibrant Pink, aspect of the CASCADIAS Petunia series is the most up-to-date Danziger introduction featuring the WOW component. CASCADIAS Vibrant Pink gives glowing, scorching-pink blooms that deal with the plant. Perfect for hanging baskets or cascading in the landscape, this petunia draws gardeners in. Pictured earlier mentioned. 

Danziger’s brand name new petunia series experienced heads turning at InnovationFest. AMAZONAS delivers a little bit of the rainforest to gardens everywhere you go. Lush, eco-friendly hues pair with vivid, tropical shades to produce a certainly special petunia. AMAZONAS Plum Cockatoo options remarkable purple and green hues. AMAZONAS is a powerful and one of a kind collection with the calm and calming backdrop of natural color that pairs well with foliage crops in the back garden.

The new colours of the OSTICADE Osteospermum collection have persons thinking if it is a single plant or a combination. These new Osteospermum ecklonis convey a wide range of colours to one particular plant. OSTICADE Twilight Moon creates a multi-coloration appear all in one variety, showcasing sunny yellows, deep pinks, and sunset oranges. The OSTICADE series’ semi-trailing practice creates spectacular hanging baskets and patio pots and can be grown in a warm greenhouse with no cooling necessary.

Danziger’s medium vigor calibrachoa series will get an electric new sample in 2024. LIA Spark Pink Calibrachoa brings wonderful pink blooms highlighted by a sunburst eye pattern to the series. These perfectly branched calibrachoas produce breathtaking baskets and combinations.

When you believe of summer coloration, lantana tops the record. Since it was created in Israel, Danziger’s GEM Lantana sequence delivers outstanding heat tolerance. The two GEM and GEM Compact have been tested and trialed thoroughly for bloom biking and are demonstrated to deliver loads of flowers even in very hot weather. The brilliant white and yellow blooms of GEM Pearl Lantana are a must-have for late spring and summer packages.

Home gardeners will swoon about the new addition to the AMORE Petunia sequence. AMORE Pink Princess attributes 5 wonderful, comfortable-pink hearts on every bloom. This heart pattern generates eye-catching pots, attractive hanging baskets and distinctive combos.

Danziger is adding a new echinacea series to its 2024 collection. GUATEMALA Gold characteristics golden sunset-hued petals that surround wonderful tall cones. GUATEMALA Gold bouquets in months 22 to 24, then offers extensive-lasting bloom ability for the dwelling gardener. It is the next URC echinacea to strike the marketplace (Danziger’s award-winning PANAMA Purple was the first). GUATEMALA is a very first-yr flowering perennial with no vernalization or bulking needed.

Danziger’s LAYLA series of Lavendula angustifolia is one particular of the earliest flowering English lavenders on the market. LAYLA Presto Blue is even before – up to 10 times before than the primary blue. Presto Blue provides far more elegance to the backyard garden as well, flowering from spring into the heat of summer time with larger, eye-catching blooms. This initial year flower perennial does not need vernalization or bulking.

Danziger’s Salvia nemorosa presents out-of-this-earth functionality in the backyard garden, with colorful blooms that address the plant all summer extensive. These early and uniform salvia nemorosa function vibrant blooms atop powerful stems and do not need vernalization or bulking. New for 2024, Pink Nebula provides putting, rosy-pink coloration that will transform heads at the yard center. This new salvia is comparable in practice and overall performance to Danziger’s common Dark Subject assortment. (Equally pictured)