May 24, 2024
15 Wine Rack Cabinets To Take Your Home Bar To The Next Level
wine rack cabinet

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Sometimes it feels like life is an endless battle against clutter, so having the right storage facilities at home is all important for keeping our piles of stuff in check. A well-organised room both looks better and helps us function more easily day to day (we know you’re just as obsessed with Khloé Kardashian’s amazing pantry as we are). It’s even more important when the items we’re looking to house are pricey or special to us, so like us we know you’ll want a solid and chic wine rack cabinet to show off your vintage reds and beautiful glassware with style.

Most wine rack cabinets have space for both your precious bottle collection and your glasses, so you have somewhere to keep all your home bar essentials neatly together. Keeping these items in their own special home also frees up space in your kitchen cupboards, giving you valuable additional real estate for your other items. Fewer pieces squeezed onto shelves means more clean white space, making it easier to see (and access) what you have.

Finally, and no less importantly, a well-chosen wine rack cabinet in your kitchen, living or dining room can make for a style statement in its own right. We’ve found plenty of gorgeous buys that will add some chicness to your space while upping its functionality. There are plenty of wall-mounted options, too, for smaller homes or just when you want to keep your floors clear.

Here’s the ELLE UK edit of the best wine rack cabinets and home bars to keep your stash safe and look good while doing so.

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Best slim wine rack cabinet

Practical & Perfect Wine Storage Shelf Unit

Rockett St George


This will turn your bottle collection into a full on objet d’art. Use the shelves to display glassware and your wine cooler, or just your prettiest vases.

Number of bottles: 27
imensions: H180 x W58 x D30cm

Best space-saving wine rack cabinet

Foldable Bar Cabinet

Tiny flat? We feel you. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have space for a home bar. This slimline cabinet has space for eight wine bottles and plenty of glassware, plus there’s three shelves beneath for extra storage. Come 6pm, it folds out to make a spot to sit and enjoy your G&T. Space-saving furniture at its finest.

Number of bottles: 8
Dimensions: L158 x H194 x D60cm

Best modern wine rack cabinet

Moss 72 Bottle Wine Rack

This couldn’t be more minimal, but it still fits an impressive 72 bottles without detracting at all from your space. If you’re looking to make your place as zen as possible, this will fit all your water, juice and boozy requirements while seamlessly nestling into the background.

Number of bottles: 72
H118 x W60 x D19cm

Best wall wine rack cabinet

Wall-Mounted Mirror Bar Shelf

Rockett St George


With this little wall-mounted mirror shelf, you can turn any small unused wall into a gin bar. There’s space for six glasses and your best-loved spirits, plus a candle or two to make it look even more chic.

Dimensions: H60 x W75 x D17cm

Best rattan wine rack cabinet

Guuji Rattan & Iron Wine Shelf

Still obsessed with rattan? Us too. This sleek bar perfectly marries boho with minimalist sleekness – and there’s plenty of room for your bottle collection too. Hide away less aesthetic items in the cupboards but keep your gorgeous water glasses on full display.

Dimensions: H100 x W60 x D18cm

Best leaner wine rack cabinet

Lean To Wine Cabinet

Leaner furniture, like leaning desks and bookshelves, create a casual vibe that doesn’t scrimp on functionality. This industrial wine rack has more than enough space for your full stash, plus six glasses and some decorative bits, too.

Number of bottles: 24
H180 x W89 x D31cm

Best industrial wine rack cabinet

Wine Wall Unit

Here’s a similar wall-mounted option for those limited on floor space.

Number of bottles: 18
imensions: H124 x W70 x D28cm

Best maximalist wine rack cabinet

Jungle Drinks Cabinet

Huge maximalist vibes here – while there’s no wine bottle storage per se, we couldn’t resist featuring this lovingly restored drinks cabinet here. Pop it in an empty corner to turn dead space into a party immediately.

Dimensions: H168 x W66 x D33cm

Best vintage wine rack cabinet

Vintage Drinks Cabinet

Shopping vintage has many perks – you’ll know you have something one-off, items are typically a little more unusual than that you’d find on the high street and it’s a more sustainable habit than buying new. And when preloved pieces look this good? It’s a no brainer, to be honest.

Dimensions: H120 x W80 x D47cm

Best value wine rack cabinet

Cafe Cassis Wine Rack

At under £100, this is a great value way to store all your wine and spirits. The curved shape and pearl grey finish add some Parisian flair.

Number of bottles: 29
H91 x W43 x D43cm

Best matching wine rack cabinet

Oak Effect Wine Cabinet

With only five bottle compartments, this might not be the cabinet for you if you have a larger collection of wine or Champagne bottles to house. However, if you’re keeping it in your kitchen or dining room, there are three roomy cupboards to stash all your crockery neatly. As a bonus, there are lots of additional matching pieces in the range, so you can pull together a comprehensive decor scheme at a decent price.

Number of bottles: 5
D40 x W64 x H80cm

Best ornate wine rack cabinet

Samuel Bar Cabinet

We’re obsessed with this oh-so-delicate pink-toned home bar. Just imagine how gorgeous this would look in your kitchen-diner. The definition of a statement piece.

Number of bottles: 4
Dimensions: H69 x W61 x D20cm

Best luxury wine rack cabinet

Deluxe Tamboured Demi-Lune Cabinet

So, this one is expensive, but it looks divine. If you’re looking to create the Gatsby-esque vintage bar of your dreams at home, look no further. A midcentury-inspired curved frame, shining deep rosewood topped with marble and finished with brass accents? We’re 100{ae4c731f0fa9ef51314dbd8cd1b5a49e21f1d642b228e620476f3e076dd7c050} sold.

Dimensions: H81 x W119 x D51cm

Best Art Deco wine rack cabinet

Charleston Drinks Cabinet

More Art Deco vibes here at a fraction of the price of the above piece. The grey colouring gives it a more muted feel that should slot well into most interior spaces, while still retaining some of that heady 1920s glamour.

Dimensions: H120 x W80 x D40cm

Best rustic wine rack cabinet

Chester Wine Console

Simple, understated and elegant, while retaining an impressive number of bottle holders, this Cotswold Co wine console will bring some countryside charm to your kitchen or dining room.

Number of bottles: 40
Dimensions: H92 x W119 x D31cm

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