June 13, 2024
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Growing vegetables is a hugely rewarding experience and those homegrown crops taste so much better than any you get from stores. Growing offers a plethora of rewards on top of those tasty vegetables alone, as gardening can offer both physical and mental health benefits that come from having your hands in the soil.

It can seem daunting to think of how to start a vegetable garden. So where do you start to go from visualizing the vegetable garden of your dreams to making it a reality in your backyard? Well, nowadays there are so many places to look for inspirational vegetable garden ideas, including TV, books and magazines to social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

I am a former professional kitchen gardener and have been fortunate enough to work in several fantastic vegetable gardens. I have helped plan and develop these vegetable gardens and also, in my spare time, my partner and I turned an overgrown section of field into a productive allotment garden to grow vegetables, fruit, and flowers. Using my hands-on knowledge and experience, I have outlined 10 important factors to consider when you want to start a vegetable garden in your backyard.

trug full of harvested vegetables in a vegetable garden

Starting a vegetable garden can transform a backyard space

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Drew Swainston

Drew (opens in new tab) is a former professional gardener who has worked in vegetable gardens for the National Trust in the UK. He has also worked in the kitchen garden at Soho Farmhouse and ran the vegetable garden at Netherby Hall in the north of the UK, where he grew vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers for chefs at a local high-caliber restaurant.

10 steps to starting a vegetable garden