Tables Tips & Tricks

Either is in a dining room or in a living room, ranging from dining to accent tables, they represent an ascendant line towards the improvement of your home. Not only that they bring a nice shiny look, but they are also very functional…when guests come, a silvery table is the perfect place to put a silvery plate full of goodies.

Accent tables

Accent tables are a good way of decorating your living room because of some simple factors:

  • Spices up the mood
  • Is an excellent way of attracting attention
  • They vary from modern aluminum ones to more classical or sober colors
  • Fits perfectly near a sectional

Most of the accent tables fit in a contemporary living space because of the new age design that has recently overwhelmed the market, therefore classical or antique looking ones are harder to find and more expensive. Of course, tables are cheap you may say but if you take a look at the offer, modern ones are 2 or 3 times cheaper!

Regarding the contemporary tables, don’t buy one if you have a dark or a non-illuminated room, their main goal is to shine when coming in contact with natural light.

In the “modern” category glass tables are included too. They give a certain transparency effect that suggests confidence and self respect. You may want to take in consideration that Plexiglas is a superior material for the fact that it doesn’t breaks. This is a plus if you have pets or kids, remember “Better safe than sorry”.

We now shift our attention to classical tables. Best fitted with antique accessories and an enclosed mood, they can be very functional (working places, writing, etc) unlike modern ones that have a limited array of functionality. That also means they are heavier and can be moved very hard, also being so massive it occupies a lot of space.

Dining tables

These can range from rectangular to round. They can be used in a dining room, as well in a kitchen. Also, as I recommend before, the style of a dining table shouldn’t be in direct opposition with the rest of the room. Make sure that you have enough space between the walls and the table for guests or family members to sit in a wider space. Having a big room? No problem, buy a round dining table; they also symbolize the equality and reciprocal respect, well suited for official dinners or meetings.

If you want your dining room to be more special, buy a rustic table, it gives a more specific effect, making your home more intimate and special.

Now let’s shift towards modern or contemporary dining tables. Use one if:

  • You want to impress
  • You have a contemporary design throughout the home
  • You have a room that receives a lot of sunlight
  • You want something out of the ordinary

If one of the reasons above fits you, than a modern table is defiantly the thing for you. They give a more fragile and uncertain look, but it’s not because usually the frame is made from aluminum. Shining in the light, emanating a mysterious mood in the night, it’s perfect for sober people with or businessman.

TIP: If you have a modern table, you could think of putting a low light ceiling lamp above it