Light bulbs Hacks

Light has a source. In the case of artificial light, it is the light bulb. Many types of bulbs exist ranging from decorative bulbs to quartz halogen new age ones.

They are indispensable in every home since providing light is a main concern.So here we go on a brief journey through the world of light bulbs.

Incandescent Bulbs

Most of the world uses this type of bulb because these are cheap, handy, and in some places are the most common. Some disadvantages can be found here: they burn faster, get hot faster and a lot of energy is dissipated into heat generating. Heat is not light!On the other hand, they are well suited for creating intimate, romantic situations, unlike fluorescent bulbs.

Fluorescent Bulbs

This kind of bulb uses a radical different way of creating light. At both ends of fluorescent tube, electrodes are placed and inside it there is a gas containing mercury and argon. A flowing stream of electrons travels from one end to another. These bump into mercury atoms and excite them and give ultraviolet photons, which hit the phosphor inside. The phosphor produces the light.

Leaving the scientific part away, this specific type is designed for work places like offices, home offices, kitchens and bathrooms, everywhere you need clear light. Fluorescent technology has evolved, so bulbs come also in regular size that can be adapted to the fixture, just like an incandescent bulb. Their lifetime is huge, holding up for years.

Halogen Bulbs

We finally came to the third type of bulb, the halogen bulb. This one is similar with the incandescent in many ways, but different in working style. So, it uses a tungsten filament, the similarities end here. It’s packed in a much smaller quartz envelope. It’s not made of glass because of the intense heat (melting). The gas inside consist of the halogen group (Fluorine, Chlorine). These mix up with the tungsten vapor. Then, the halogen gas will combine with tungsten atoms, creating a circle of reactions. This way, you get more light/unit of energy. The bad part is that you get a lot of heat though, and when I saw a lot, I mean it. Do not try to unscrew this type of bulb immediately after turning it off. Allow some seconds to cool down. If not, you can get serious burns.

Decorative Bulbs

Ever wondered what’s missing from that party or that special dinner? The lighting of a special event must not be neglected. Light can create an atmosphere hard to forget wither mysterious or creative. Certainly there is a specific decorative bulb made for your needs. There are flaming, flame shaped that give a “candle” effect to the chandelier.

Even without it you can find many colored light bulbs in many sizes and they can give a disco effect or neon like effect.