How To Use Chairs?

Either it’s a living room or a bedroom, a chair is absolutely necessary for personal comfort and the design of the room.

Practically, a chair represents the “sit down” of the things in your home. Some basic tips that I think most of us know of are:

The color of the chair should be in a direct link with the dominating color of the room. The mood of the chair must complete the mood of the room…contrasts aren’t indicated, but if you want to impress they can look good

Usually, chairs are made for one sole purpose: to provide comfort and relaxation. They should look like they actually give that comfort by being spacious, soft and pleasant when touched. There are several types of chairs:

Living Room Chairs

These can be probably the most comfortable and relaxing type there is. Making you slow down, inducing a way of endorsement to your inner thoughts. When sitting down and relaxing on this chair you feel more like if you are coexisting with the chair. Usually they are over scaled and deep, so that you can enjoy the full pleasures of a living room chair. It practically invites you to lean back and sit for a while. When searching for a living room chair you should have in mind that the best quality ones are usually very elegant too, so if you see a chair with Victorian incrustations in the legs of it, then it’s certainly a good one.

Don’t forget to “test” the chair before buying it. Sit a bit on it…no one minds. If the pillow that should support you is too soft and you are being sucked in the chair, maybe you should shift your attention on another one. Also don’t forget about the legs, make sure that the diameter of each leg fits your needs, don’t buy one with oversized legs if only you will sit in that chair, make it elegant and functional.

You know what they say, that fashion comes back after some years. It’s true, it has been proved that the design and fashion in some domains have a revolving cyclic activity. Right know, the 1960’s atmosphere and general mood are coming back. Your living room chair should (if you want to be in these times or, why not, if you are a nostalgic) reflect that mood which is represented by clear colors (white in general), simple lines and general outlook. This may seem dull to you, but it’s actually very fashionable and good looking. A well illuminated room, especially if it receives a lot of sunlight goes very well with white chairs.

Club chairs

Another style of chair would be the club chair. It’s still in this category, but unlike the classical chairs it has a bit more elevated and stylish personality. Being referred to such a restricted society type in the past (the rich and influential), your club chair can’t go unnoticed, you prove yourself to be somewhat more like a gentleman and to be part of that part of society that class. Most likely this type of chair will come in semi-dark colors like maroon or a medium black and goes very well with dark rooms or with the ones that are lightened with artificial light, coming from chandeliers. Even if you don’t want this chair in your living room it can be adapted to lets say the home office or a meeting room.

Romantic chairs

We have reached the third type. The romantic chair! Combining fine lines with smooth shapes, it’s the perfect way of creating a romantic mood. The chair is a must if you are in love with you wife/girlfriend. This means that your bond is stronger that they thought and it’s the best way of spending a romantic evening. Think about it, one sitting in the arms of the other, enjoying the smooth touch of the velvet and falling into the sweet feelings of love. This is only one reason for it, there are many other. Buy one and see what’s it like, you will fall in love on the spot. 🙂 Giving a further insight on the romantic chair, it comes in warm and sensual colors; red is the most used one with a velvet or silky material covering it.

Décor chairs

Once we brought some light over the living room chairs, it’s time to throw our looks over the décor line of chairs, the ones that are less fictional and consistent, but are a plus in the room’s general mood and outlook. Here we can see a shift of direction. But first let me give a small definition: Décor stands at the intersection of Art Deco and mood, so you see; it’s a good and reliable way of ensuring yourself that you room is in a perfect balance with the decorating style and mood. Going back to the chair part, this chair makes the room looking more spacious and varied in colors and styles. Taking a more detailed look over the general silhouette, it underlines the fact that space isn’t there to be wasted, but keeps a nice control over it. The low center of gravity and the large covering makes it look like if “presents come in big stylish boxes”. Nevertheless it’s not indicated in the case that you have an over lightened room (natural sunlight) because they usually come in textured dark coverings…best suited for closed rooms.

Leather chairs

Let us start this article by saying that leather is one of the oldest material from which chairs are being manufactured. In these days, leather is the symbol of business and what could ever surpass a leather chair? Designed for general use, it has been adapted to suit very well in a sober, serious, trustworthy environment. Deep cushioned, inspired from the club design, they are the best way of establishing contracts and making partnerships. In other words, you make your guests feel like home, yet be in a mood that will inspire them.