Tips on Buying, Installing and Maintaining a Direct Vent Fireplace

A direct vent fireplace is nothing but a prefabricated metal fireplace that has been so designed that it is easy to install, look realistic, easy to use, burn clean and requires little maintenance. These are closed combustion units with sealed glass panel in front of the fireplace due to which they are highly efficient. Due to the glass panel heat can pass through it and also radiate into the room.

It is different from the traditional brick masonry fireplaces in the way that it takes advantage of a zero-clearance technology. They also burn more efficiently and can be directly vented out a wall. Thus they are easier and less costly to install and with greater flexibility in placement. Being direct vent gas log, they create no wood pollution and give off practically no particulates.

Inspite of being a direct vented gas fireplace, it surprisingly looks like a real wood fire. The new burners and artificial logs are quite realistic. Infact if you buy best direct vent fireplace then you will find that they have very authentic looking fire with tall and dancing flames and glowing logs and embers.

One of the best parts is that it is a fireplace direct vent, so that means that there is no need for a complicated foundation for these units. Just get the wood frame to the sides of the unit and set it directly on a plywood base. The installation is really easy and takes little time. You can now use manufacturers trim kits for covering the gap between the face material and the fireplace. Some units also have a bay window to make the look more stylish.

These direct vent fireplaces generally have a lot of options for turning the unit on and off depending on what type you decide to purchase. You can use the rocker on/off switch or a millivolt wall switch or else have a remote control with extra functions to turn the unit on. Get one that fits your needs and budget

Direct vent fireplace burn in a very clean and efficient way compared to other models. They don’t need a lot of maintenance. Clean the glass and the burner compartment during the season in which you operate the fireplace. Clean the glass panel periodically and remove any dust, dirt, lint or other airborne particles that stick to the glass surface.

For cleaning purpose you can use non-ammonia cleaners and warm water apart from specific fireplace glass cleaning materials that you can get. Never try to clean the glass when it is hot and never use abrasive cleanser. Also clean the standing pilot assembly and burner compartment At least once a year. Take basic care of your direct vent fireplace and it will serve you for many years.