Small Kitchen Renovations – Should You Go Big?

Many people who have small kitchens would like to renovate them into something two or three times their present size. After all, if you’ve been putting up with a poorly laid out small older kitchen for a few years, you’d logically start to feel that busting out some walls is the answer to all tha room’s problems. But this may not always be the best way to go when dealing with small kitchen renovations. First of all, there’s the financial cost. Obviously, turning a small kitchen into a big one is going to cost quite a bit of money. On the other hand, making a small kitchen new but keeping it small is going to be cheaper, possibly much cheaper depending on the options you choose when remodeling. And when some intelligent design is applied, that small room may not be quite as hopeless as you thought.

When deciding whether or not to increase the size of your small kitchen, first examine how it works for you. Do you have all the storage you need? There are some new kitchen cabinet options that can squeeze a remarkable amount of storage into limited space. Is there a “work triangle” between the sink, stove, and refrigerator? If so, maybe all your kitchen needs to make it fully functional is some new cabinets and appliances. If there are normally only one or two people preparing food, then your smaller kitchen may be perfectly adequate in its current incarnation – all you need is to replace the worn out appliances, cabinets, etc.

 Small Kitchen Renovations

On the other hand, if you regularly have five or six people participating in meal preparation, then you may well need to increase the size of that kitchen. But make sure you’re not paying big bucks just to accomodate Thanksgiving dinner, while hearing your voice echo in that almost empty room the rest of the year!

Of course, it’s possible that the current layout of your kitchen is absolutely hopeless. One thing often seen in older kitchens is having the refrigerator and stove located right next to each other. This is extremely inefficient, with the stove stressing the refrigerator’s cooling ability every time it’s turned on. You would definitely want to rearrange such a layout – but that doesn’t mean you have make the kitchen bigger. Consider carefully how you could move one or the other to keep a work triangle while providing enough space between appliances. More square footage may, in fact, be called for – but it doesn’t come cheap, so do your homework before commiting to any major renovating.

Frequently, a small kitchen can be transformed by keeping the layout but incorporating the removal of a wall into the renovation. Unfortunately, in many small kitchens, there are no full walls available to be knocked out, or a wall is structural. In that case, turning the wall into a “half wall” with any necessary structural support will provide almost the same effect.

In short, even the smallest kitchens can be extremely efficient and can look just as good as big kitchens while costing a lot less. You’ll live with your remodeled kitchen for a long time, so be sure to consider all your options when contemplating any small kitchen renovations.