Getting Hexagonal Bathroom Floor Tiles is a Great Idea for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a place of the house used by everyone in the family and even by guests and outsiders. As we plan and care for the floorings of other rooms in our house such as bedroom and kitchen etc. we must also pay equal attention to the flooring for our bathroom. Amongst the various options available for flooring, tiles are the most popular one and Hexagonal bathroom floor tiles are the most desired tiles for the bathroom. As the very name suggests, Hexagonal Floor tiles are in the shape of a Hexagon, i.e. it is a six sided tile. These tiles give a complete makeover to your bathroom in a most cost effective way.

Flooring is one such thing which, if planned effectively, can illuminate the room. Ceramic bathroom tiles are the most preferred bathroom tiles as they are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. These tiles are very easy to clean, more sustainable to wear and tear and are more durable, they are damp-resistant and are less slippery when wet. The mat finish tiles are less slippery then the glossy or the glazed ones but requires more frequent cleaning as they accumulate dirt.

Amongst the various shapes available such as rectangular, square, hexagonal and octagonal- the Hexagonal Bathroom Floor Tiles are most popular ones because of its attractive shape which looks like a diamond. These are available from the tiny size of 1”x1” onwards. As these bathroom tiles are available in different colors and sizes it enables one to design interesting floors with the combination of various sizes and colors. Big sized ones can be used for the centre while the corners can be designed with a blend of two or three colored small sizes hexagonal tiles.

To give a larger look to a small sized bathroom it is advised to use same colors for both walls and the floor. Neutral colors such as white and beige reflects more light and are recommended for smaller bathrooms. Simple background with bold colors and hexagonal tiles adds a cotemporary look to the bathroom making it look ultra modern.

Since bathroom is a place where we enter in the morning to get fresh and also in the evening to get some sort of relaxation, the colors and the shapes of the tiles etc. play a very important role. The colors and shapes should be so selected to give the bathroom a soothing atmosphere where one can gain energy by looking at them. Cool colors such as blue, green, yellow go very well with the Hexagonal bathroom floor tiles and are recommended for small bathrooms. The bigger bathrooms can opt for brighter color tiles as there is no dearth of space and light.

So, bathroom tiling is a very important decision and should be taken in such a manner so as to give the bathroom a unique, cozy and creative look where you can relax and gain energy. Hexagonal bathroom floor tiles are becoming more and more popular amongst the interior designers to give our bathroom that perfect look for which you had always dreamt about.