First Alert Smoke Detector – Handy and Safe

First alert smoke detector should be present in every household to warn members of a fire or smoke alarm. It is one of the best known smoke alarm systems in the market today as it not only gives warning in case of a smoke or fire but is also capable of detecting carbon monoxide.

Unlike other toxic gases, carbon monoxide gives little warning to humans of its presence. The only symptoms people may feel are headaches or nausea and since there is no recognizable smell of carbon monoxide, these symptoms may be attributed to other causes. Thus it can turn lethal if there is no warning when people are asleep and can kill them if not detected in time.

The first alert smoke detector acts as a continuous monitor of toxic carbon monoxide gas. First alert smoke alarms cannot prevent fires but they can give sufficient warning for people to make their escape before getting trapped in a dangerous situation.

Smoke alarms and smoke detectors are of two types and it is not a bad idea to install both kinds in the house. Ionization smoke alarms are capable of detecting fires which spread rapidly while photoelectric smoke alarms can recognize slow burning fires. Since it is impossible to predict what type of fire you may be in danger of, it is a good idea to have both types of smoke alarms installed for safety’s sake.

While installing a first alert dual system smoke detector in the house you have to make sure that provision is made for it to run not only on electricity but also on batteries in case of power failure. The alarm system should preferably be installed on every floor of the house to ensure maximum safety.

Care should be taken to see that it is not near windows or doorways where the flowing air might interfere with its performance. The other vital thing to keep in mind, while installing the first alert smoke detector is that it should not be attached to a circuit which can be turned on/off from a wall switch. This may result in someone switching off the switch and forgetting to switch it back on, in which case, a fire may prove disastrous.

The first alert SA302dual system smoke detector is sturdy, reliable and safe. It is also extremely affordable and can even be purchased online at very low prices. The installation should be done carefully. The system comes with instructions and representatives of the company are also available if you need any help.

The first alert smoke detector is a handy device and if kept in good working condition may save your life one day.