Do-It-Yourself Wireless Security System

Wireless security system is one economical and easy way to upgrade your present home security system. The good thing about a wireless security system is you can integrate it in your present setup and you can even do it on our own!

Hardwired security systems can be disabled by cutting the power off or by cutting the telephone lines. This is one advantage of the wireless security system which keeps on working even if the power or telephone lines have been cut!

Current wireless security systems are not hampered by an arm/disarm switch, they are an always on security system that provides constant, round the clock monitoring of your home via a web-based interface for high end models that monitors every activity in all areas of the house.

You can add monitoring cameras, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide level detectors even moisture detectors to check roof and plumbing leaks! You can have them as simple or as sophisticated as you want them to be according to your requirements.

Reporting methods and corrective actions are as varied and include direct reporting to the central station, automatically dialing emergency numbers and/or calling or sending you an SMS message to report on the status of your home every hour on the hour.

The varied options of tracking, reporting and alerting capability of wireless security systems give homeowners the ability to know what is happening at the house without the added cost, difficulties or compromises associated with installing closed circuit video cameras all over the house. Some systems have the capability to constantly monitor and advice the homeowner sensitive regarding the areas of the property, record the comings and goings of every household member or even keep an eye on the swimming pool via wireless communication or an Internet interface. They are designed to provide constant awareness and peace of mind to the homeowner.

They can be setup so that alarms can be sent either to the fire department, the police, sound an audible alarm for the neighbors to hear, or call your cell phone directly. The options practically cover any and all eventualities. If there is a false alarm, there is no need to mess around with the arm/disarm switch as most wireless security systems have a reset button specifically for this possibility; all that is necessary is to press it and the whole system is reset – much like a computer’s Ctrl-Alt-Del keys!

Even more compelling is the availability of a panic button which when activated automatically calls the police or an emergency number for assistance!

If you are planning to install a security system in your new house or upgrading your current system, make sure that the one you get will work when you need it most. A wireless security system negates compromises when phone lines are cut and give you better peace of mind.