Tips for your Front Yard Landscape Design

The landscaping in your front yard will make a big difference in the overall appearance of your home and garden. You don’t have to choose high-maintenance plants and invest in classes on how to garden. There are easy changes you can make that will beautify the entire property and improve your curb appeal.

Raised Beds
Raised flower beds look great, and you can fill them with low-maintenance plants. The hardest part of installing a raised bed is digging down far enough for the bottom row of bricks to be completely underground. However, your hard work will be richly rewarded with a bed that looks great, is easy to maintain and can easily be changed from one season to the next.

Variety in Height
To maximize impact, add plants of different heights to make your yard look worthy of a home and garden magazine picture. Taller plants can be added to the back of a garden for interest and height, while smaller plants should be placed along the front to add texture and color.

Learning how to garden isn’t difficult. Focus on plants that are native to your area, and then talk to the people at the lawn and garden store to ensure that you know how to care for the plants. Read the information cards before making purchases to see how tall plants will grow, how wide they will spread and how often they should be watered. You may want to consider hiring a landscaping company to handle creating the initial gardens. They can also teach you how to maintain the garden and keep the plants looking fantastic.