The Environmental Christmas Tree

Depending on where you live, if the ground is not frozen, you can buy a dwarf christmas tree to decorate and then plant in the new year. Dwarf conifers provide great structure for your garden and usually don’t grow past 12 feet. Conifer in latin means to produce cones.

They grow very slowly, but there are now countless varieties to choose from at your garden centre. Here are seven ideas for fabulous landscaping trees. Make sure you keep them watered and away from a heat source while they are adorned for the season indoors.

  1. Dwarf Blue Spruce creates a mystical blue colour to add to your indoor holiday magic and then in the new year the silver blue will brighten up your garden’s landscape.
  2. Juniper ‘Compressa’ grows into a thin dense column making it stylish for a modern indoor Christmas tree.
  3. The dwarf Alberta Spruce is one of the most popular evergreens and would make a perfect traditional christmas tree with its conical shape. In the spring it has bright lime green new growth.
  4. A Mountain Pine would provide a unique Christmas tree with their interesting spiky branches pointing up to the sky. They fill out to low mounding structures in the garden, compact like an evergreen sea urchin.
  5. “Hudsonia” Balsam Fir is also an odd shape for a Christmas tree but I believe could be quite stylish if you find the right specimen and they smell fantastic!
  6. The dwarf Norway spruce would make for spunky Christmas trees with fingerlike spikes draping down creating a ball like structure.
  7. Winter Blue (Microbiota decussate) is a romantic wispy evergreen if you want to display some seasonal love.