Lawn Care & Maintenance

Lawn care is definitely a job that is best contemplated once winter is behind us and we’re heading towards spring but not yet experiencing the full heat of summer. A little time spent on lawn maintenance early in the season really does pay dividends once the lawn is put to heavier use for summer parties, alfresco meals and children’s ball games!

First impressions often make the novice gardener fear that caring for his lawn is going to take lots of time and is going to be a tough and arduous task, but this need not be the case if you follow the tips and guidelines set out below.

As a rule of thumb I’d recommend doing the work yourself, providing of course you have the spare time to do so. Hiring a “Lawn Care Specialist” can turn out to be an expensive proposition and they don’t always know much more than you do!

Purchasing lawn care products is simple and can prove very cost effective, there are tons of online stores queuing up to sell you their products which include a huge selection of goods such as weed killers, moss removers, fertilizers, seed packs etc. just below you can see just a tiny selection of current listings on eBay.

Waking up and energizing your lawn after it’s winter “sleep” should be the first stage of your maintenance plan. The central part of this is using to promote sturdy, healthy growth of your lawn. Applying quality fertilizer just much more than just make the grass shoots greener, naturally it will make the grass grow faster but a great many other things happen when you fertilize. The grass seeds will germinate quicker, sprouting out of the ground virtually as you watch! The the healthy shoots will rapidly develop into a thicker, more lush lawn which by itself will give out it’s own beneficial chemicals like Stolons, Tillers and Rhizomes, which all contribute to making your lawn lush, green and healthy.

A very common question people ask is “how much fertilizer do I apply?” and “when should I apply fertilizer to my lawn?” As a general rule you should fertilize your lawn every 8 weeks or so, starting about 4 weeks before it would usually start it’s first growth from the end of winter. Be careful you don’t over use fertilizer though – always follow the directions provided with your product.

Cutting or mowing your lawn is often a misunderstood part of your lawn maintenance. Avoid setting your mower to the lowest settings, this will just scalp your lawn leading to brown spots where the grass has thinned to much, weakening the delicate root system. Click on the link at the bottom of this page for advice on lawn mowers.

Regular lawn maintenance is essential, you don’t want to spend a lot of hard work creating your perfect lawn only for it to revert back to pasture at the first opportunity. You need to set aside some time for regular watering, apply fertilizer every couple of months and the result will be a beautiful lush green lawn that will be envy of your neighbors.

Watering can be done with a simple hose pipe sprinkler system or there are some excellent underground sprinkler systems on the market which enable you to virtually water your garden automatically. One thing to bear in mind is that the shrubs and plants in your borders do not need as much water as your lawn, avoid over watering your borders or you lose some plants!