Indoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening – there is hardly a home that one can visit that does not have some sort of flower or plant. Due to time constraints and the fact that not many people are familiar with gardening, there are homes which have artificial plants made of plastic which actually look very real. But more and more people choosing to have real plants and flowers in their houses and have cultivated this as a hobby that they love and enjoy. Plants are extremely popular and when blended with the right furniture and household fixtures, can help produce a very luxurious living area.

In order to have the best indoor plants, good lighting is needed. This means locating the plants near windows and other areas where they can get naturtal light. If you have a sunroof, include some plants in that room. Some plants do not require that much light and will flourish even without being located in brightly lit areas.

Some plants that are well suited to indoor gardening include the African Violet, the Creeping Fig, the Boston ferns and Cyclamens. Many people have the misconception that indoor plants need a lot of water. This is wrong. Over-watering the plants simply leads them to faltering and eventually rotting. It is essential to do research on the type of plants that one is purchasing. When at a flower or gardening shop, ask as many questions as possible. You can also go online and do your own research into the requirements of the plant that you are purchasing.

Expert gardening also involves being able to select the best pots for your plants. If gardening indoors, it is essential to remember that the pots and containers will form part of your furniture. So caution must be taken to ensure that the container match and blend or compliment the existing furniture.

When applying fertilization to indoor plants, it is essential to know the type of plant that the chemical is being applied to. Some plants do not require fertilization at all.