Garden Ideas for a Small Garden

Garden ideas for a small garden include planting around an area such as the mailbox or a light post. Using containers means a person can try gardening in an area that does not have soil. Learning how to garden adds color to an otherwise plain front lawn or back yard. Garden ideas for a small garden include planting a flower bed or creating a small vegetable or herb garden.

If a person does not have a yard or soil, she can use containers to create a garden. The containers can be several smaller containers grouped together or one larger one. Learning how to garden in containers is often a first step for many, as a gardener can control the nutrients and conditions of the container better than an in-ground garden.

When planting multiple plants in a large container, the gardener should place the taller plants in the back or center of the container. Shorter plants can fill in the area around the taller plants and trailing or ground creeping plants can be planted on the edge of the container, so that they spill neatly over the sides.

A small herb garden is ideal for several containers.Gardeners can arrange 6-inch pots on a table or plant stand for a summer herb garden. Herbs that perform well in small pots include basil, oregano and mint.
Small Area Garden

A flower bed planted around an outdoor light post or mailbox is a simple starter garden. Short flowers such as petunias or marigolds should surround the front of the light or mailbox while taller plants such as day lilies can be planted behind it.