Garden For the Birds

There is still some time to get some great winter shrubs in the ground to provide food for visiting birds and color for your hibernating eyes. When you are at your garden nursery think carefully about the height of your plants because many will be buried under a thick blanket of snow!

Here a few integral shrubs you can choose from to increase your winter window viewing pleasure….


HollyHolly is a great bet for our fine feathered friends and for Holiday decorations. China Holly does well up north. Winterberry Holly’s vibrant red berries are another favourite with the birds as it is native to Eastern North America. The leaves fall and then the snow falls resting on their dazzling berry laden branches making some delightful winter garden pictures.

The Red Twig Dogwood:

Red Twig DogwoodThe Red Twig Dogwood produces white flowers and white fruit and its’ slender branches are a striking rich red that catches the eye.

Cranberry viburnum:

CranberriesCranberry viburnum is a great plant for all seasons. It creates delicate white flowers in early summer and plentiful red berries that the birds adore. It’s lush green leaves change into red and purple in autumn.


Yew berriesYews are my personal landscaping favourite with their deep deep green needles and bright fresh looking red berries. But keep children away from these berries as they are poisonous!

Other shrubs worth perusing for winter are Staghorn Sumac, Red Chokeberry, Washington hawthorn, Arrowwood Viburnum dentate, Cranberry Cotoneaster and Winterberry. Some birds that will the above shrubs are robins, bluebirds, mockingbirds, thrushes, chickadees and starlings. When you think of landscaping this fall think of the creatures it will create an enchanted garden habitat for.