Blooming Sidewalks

Transform your sidewalk’s landscape from a boring strip of grass into a colorful fragrant paradise. Although there is limited space, your landscape improvements will make your real estate value soar!

  • Use a slightly curved flagstone path if you have enough room.
  • Mulch curbs your weed problem; so does close plantings.
  • Large swaths of similar flowers are pleasing to the eye.
  • How polluted is your area? Good flowers that can manage pollution are trusty cornflowers and solid black eyed susans.
  • Research your city regarding any rules and regulations about
  • sidewalk landscape gardens.
  • Consider your light: is it full sun? or is there a tree above your garden? If there is shade think to Japanese windflowers and textured foliage such as hostas and ferns.
  • Color is always very inviting to your neighbours.
  • Fragrance is also an important when creating a public garden so include at least once of these beauties:  daffodils, hyacinth, sarcococca, jasmine, sweet peas, lilac, phlox, lilies, or lavender

Layer your color on from alyssum and nasturtiums to gazania and cosmos up into butterfly bushes and mock oranges.  Don’t forget about vines if you can integrate them onto a trellis or up a street pole use such vines as bougainvillaea or clematis. Bougainvillaea can be used in the northern climates as an annual. Some sidewalk gardens are so small that  you can only plant tall narrow species like foxgloves, yarrow or delphiniums.  When planning you new sidewalk landscape you could build a stable secure fence to protect your little garden with climbing roses or honeysuckle climbing all over it.   A very classy idea is to plant ornamental grasses such as fountain grass or blue oat grass.  In the fall and winter the grasses hold their majestic beauty and grace.