Beginner’s Guide: How to Garden

Starting a home garden from scratch can seem intimidating, even to an experienced gardener. Gardening, however, can be much simpler than many beginners think. The following are a few tips on how to garden that will get those new to gardening started:

1. New gardeners should try starting with raised beds. One of the most time-consuming parts of staring a garden is tilling the soil, and then keeping it from eroding or becoming less fertile over the years. Many of the biggest problems in backyard gardening can be cured by using raised beds. They make it easier to build up the quality of a garden’s soil, and can make gardening easier on one’s back.

2. Using different seed varieties can make gardening easier and more fun. Heirloom seeds are becoming widely available from small companies, and will be more exciting for new gardeners to grow than typical store-bought plant seeds. What’s more, many heirloom seeds are particularly suited to certain climates, and some may be less likely to suffer from insects or disease in certain areas.

3. For those who are just learning how to garden, the prospect of providing a whole summer’s worth of food for one’s family can seem daunting. The easiest way to begin gardening is to start with a small garden plot, and just enough vegetables to keep busy.

4. Even for new gardeners who are starting small, one of the most important factors in starting or maintaining a successful garden is preparation. Beginners should research what varieties of plants are most successful in their climates, and when different seeds should be planted. Knowing the basics of how to care for each specific type of plant is one of the biggest factors in learning how to garden.